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Holding on to the challenge!

Few days ago a student from Cologne, Germany who is doing her thesis about Chabacano language varieties Preserving the Chabacano Language in Zamboanga sent me a message. While it is very usual for me to receive emails from any parts of the world for so many reasons this one is I appreciated the most. The sudden domain change of my blog practically halted the traffic it gets from Google temporarily and I left “hanging” my avid blog readers without any notification. The most important are the blog links that have been attached by known authorities online that bring considerable topic to this blog are gone as well. One is Wikipedia where the official biography of Jose Rizal cited my post “Uncovering Controversial Facts about Jose Rizal”, Rappler on Social Good Summit 2012 in Manila” and a million more reason.

Yes I am holding on!

As a matter of fact I am with a heavy heart will try to contact these websites and blogs who linked me in their pages. Do some petty explanation and to beg to update their listing. Yeah I know it is hard because this is requesting for an additional favor and will eat MUCH of my time. I have started volunteering as a freeware review editor to this tech site recently and I know I need to balance my time for everything in between.

Email from Cologne, Germany

Wait in one second you talk about culture and heritage then in one second you are talking about freeware – you mean software thingy?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will yawn every time I mention (because I have said these a hundred times here!) about that I finished a software-related degree plus a diploma which I haven’t put in to use and my encounter with online entrepreneurs are really prompting me to change this routine I have been doing for seven years. I wanna break free from the monotony that enslaved me for such a long time and that is through advocating entrepreneurship through digital / internet marketing, seo, content writing … anything that has something to do online so long as it is LEGAL folks. 

Now what is my plan? Or do I have one?

I am also looking for people that sells products or services that promotes the Philippines’ culture, heritage and tourism but not haven’t fully marketed their products or don’t have the resources to do it. I want to help these people who are very talented that can come up with furniture, accessories, painting, food etc of high value and promote our identity to be shared to the greater market. 

Any events you will be joining soon?

The day after I am back from Ilocos I will join Instituto Cervantes Manila “Anong type mo?” – an event that features different Latin fonts. I am so excited to see in person Isabel Gatuslao, is a graphic designer who is responsible for celebrity Daphne OseƱa’s blog that is said to have returned a hundredfold of traffic Isabel designed her blog. I am also planning to join the Blogopolis sponsored by Nuffnang - dubbed as the biggest blogging event on Nov. 18th at Makati Shangrila Ballroom.  I am so eager to listen to these bloggers that have excelled already and can be even called as celebrities in their own rights. These bloggers are not only famous because they have a blog that is read by many but they are ambassadors of brands and advocates of many initiatives. Their blog has the power to influence the buying power of their readers or push them for a cause. I want to listen to them and hopefully to get any ideas and inspiration that can make this blog a little more better. 

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