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Seeing a Ray of Hope

Really getting emotional for the past few weeks as I see my blog traffic has fallen down to the extreme! I was checking my Google Analytics and  seeing a few signs of improvement  for one or two traffic from Google on keywords I don't expect much to get from. The blog posts and keywords that give life to this blog are nowhere to be found in the first pages of search engines now. I just went back to zero. My Google PageRank Checker has returned a zero rank for now. My TopBlogsph link - a directory for blogs in the Philipines that measures traffic with 1 as the highest is showing me rank 364 . Before I was at 129 nearly approaching my target rank of at least 100 by the end of this year. But way, way to go! Need to keep going now matter what!

Getting Tested to the Fullest
I know this is the time I am being tested to the fullest of whether I end up quitting this blog and pursue other things because I am not getting any younger anymore. I want to go back to this language school, learn some vocational skills whatever blah blah... because I am not getting any younger anymore. In exactly three months from now I will be having my 29th birthday though I feel like my 28th birthday just happened yesterday.
 Next year will be my last year before I turn 30 and I have to admit it really scares me just thinking on issues about womanhood, career, getting married and looking back at my dreams when I was in college if I achieved any of these now.  I am so totally CLUELESS WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT.

Is there any good thing that happened after having this sudden blog domain change?
I would say 99% was BAD but yes there is. Because of the sudden blog domain change, I was able to reflect and realign the topics of these blogs and add some. I felt I needed to inspire more people on ideas about entrepreneurship, collaboration and coworking. I want to connect with local entrepreneurs and those who own startups to showcase their products or services and I will be glad to blog about them here to inspire others to do the same.

Ok so what's up with me now?
I earlier mentioned about joining Blogopolis - a gathering of influential bloggers to connect with them and learn from them but I guess I have been joining lots of these already. Now what I need to focus more than connecting with other bloggers is to build something that others will find way to connect with me. How? I don't know for now but at least I am getting an idea this time.

I think this one is a good start for next year. I will join Janet Toral's DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp which is all about learning how to put up a website, market products and services, accept payments online and making   customers loyal. This is a 35-lesson program conducted online for FREE. Janet is one of the few local people who is into internet marketing, blogging and related I look forward to. She has great ideas and authority in her industry.

Now that I speak of entrepreneurship thing always, does this mean I will forget slash set aside blogging about heritage, culture and tourism? 
NO WAY! I would not be in the blogging world had I not developed interest on these topics. In fact  I have a few lined up to join and blog soon. This afternoon I am going to UP Diliman for the "Bukas Libot Panayam" lecture about this professor who went to Europe and America etc searching for treasures of the Philippines' heritage and culture. I am excited what knowledge I will get and blog about it soon. Yuchengco Museum is also currently having their lectures about Switzerland's architecture style and how it affects or can affect here. I am thinking of joining of their talk on Dec 1 which is the "Rethinking the way we build and steps to sustainability in the Philippines". They are also going to present talks about British Occupation in Manila. Not everyone knows that British actually colonized us in a very short period of time. They are still part of our history though.

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