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Binondo Walking Food and Heritage Tour Package 2014

We would like to invite you to our Binondo Walking Food and Heritage Tour every Saturday or Sunday. We are also open to your desired available day, just let us know in advance.  

There are two options: for a half day tour and one whole day tour. This is going to be a discussion of heritage and lots of food. 

We will eat lots hopia, dimsum, tikoy authentic noodles, siopao and more! Come join us!

We would like to invite you every Saturday and Sunday of the month. 

Meeting Place: Plaza Santa Cruz fountain area ( Replica Carriedo fountain ) in front of Santa Cruz Church
Assembly Time : 7:00 am to 7:30 am
Tour start at: 7:30 am until past 5:00pm

Rate for Half day tour (3-4 hours)  : P800 

For more information please contact 0998-989-3921 or email anytime. 

Binondo Walking Food Tour with Side trips to Escolta itinerary

1. Have a 10-minute side trip to Escolta( the Makati of yesterday). See the decades-old buildings from different genres: Art deco, Neo-classical and Beaux type etc.  
2.  Drop by to the two of the most historical bulidings along Escolta: First United building and calvo Museum.  
3. Visit Carvajal Wet market for a wide array of fresh vegetables and artful sliced fruits.

4. Taste the best - selling hopias of Polland (mongo & ube) and Holland (kondol, pina and mongo) bakeries. Let your gastronomical instinct answer why they were named very identical to each other.              

Polland's best selling hopia!

5. Breakfast for combination - style meals of our most favorite noodles: mikibihon, lobihon, chabihon etc.         

Our own favorite the Mikibihon!

6. Pica - pica style in an authentic Chinese Delishop. We will let you bite some champi and plum. 

So many to choose from!

7.  Stroll along Ongpin Street and ready your camera for so many picture-perfect scenes you might see.

8. Get inside the Binondo Church and see the Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz.  

9. Head over to a Chinese charm store to get a glimpse of things that bring lucky for career, love life, health etc.                                               

10. Bring home a siopao made straight from a traditional factory.                                          

11.  Check out a traditional Chinese drug store to learn about their different natural medications you can apply next time you need to.  

12. Lunch for pork maki, Yang chow rice, radish/oyster cake and calamansi juice.

Yummy hakao and dimsum dumplings

Our favorite Radish cake
This is for the whole day tour
 13. Lunch at a decades - old famous restaurant inside Binondo often featured in blogs, magazines and television.  This is also the place where our local celebrities use to dine. 

Note: We have omitted the names of the restaurants where we are going to eat to  preserve the originality of our tour itinerary. We will let you eat cuisines/dishes which are not featured above the list, depending on the whatever is available during that time.

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