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Travel Maria is now DTI accredited!

Travel Maria, my online travel shop and blog is  now DTI - accredited under the business name MRB Maria Travel Services with Certificate No. 0305344. The validity of the permit is five years from January 10, 2014 to January 10, 2019. I hope this won't cause confusion as the keywords  "Travel" and "Maria" in my online site and business name registration is in different order. 

The  DTI (Department of Trade of Industry) is the branch of the Philippine government that provides information for business owners, exporters, investors and consumers. One of its tasks is to approve and renew business names. I went personally to one of its nearest office in my place which is in Lux Building, Wack - Wack Mandaluyong. 

The evaluator whom I talked with said that the word "Travel" is too obvious in its purpose and too general therefore should not be used as the first word in any business name registration.  I then quickly cited another business registered at DTI as well with the word "Travel" as the first in its approved business name registration.  She replied that their naming standard has changed recently. I guess I am not in any way gonna win to this kind of argument so I have no choice but to follow.

Why did I decided to have my business name DTI - accredited?
I have been doing serious business remote transactions since last year when I was still on a part - time mode. Since this year I will be doing this full time, might as well follow the legal standards of doing business here in the Philippines.  I am also very happy (and way over the cloud) to announce that a number of big projects coming for Travel Maria in collaboration with a number of leading e - commerce websites in the country so I need to start the year right. 

My advice to fellow entrepreneurs especially those bootstrapping like me, no matter how small you make right now or how little you have started, the best thing to start is to register 
your business. Everything else will follow.

This does not mean I am cutting my ties to my travel partners. I will still continue to partner with my existing accredited travel agencies in the country to maximize all opportunities from each of our interests.

How to get a DTI - accredited business name registration?
Getting a DTI permit is not the only one to be accomplished.  This is just first in the long list of business requirements that will eat too much of a business owner's time.  I know a company who can do this task for a fee. I will share a separate post soon.

Just about when I informed my mom that I have gotten my DTI - certification over the phone, she also informed me that the first batch of workers in Australia which I am supposed to be part of is leaving this last week of January. She asked me MANY TIMES IF I WANT TO CHANGE MIND and pursue the greener pasture abroad. I know I will make money five times or ten times more from what I am doing now.  For a few minutes I paused lured by this thought but I said "No. I want to pursue what makes me happy the most now".