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The Horticulture Philippines 2014 Opening Ceremony!

I had a great time joining the opening ceremony of Horticulture Philippines yesterday! Honestly while on the way to Quezon City Memorial Circle where this event is held, I thought I will be completely bored as I am not a plant enthusiast. Plus I live in a 24th floor condo unit, there is no extra space to grow any ornamental plants therefore it is not practical for me to spend my time here. But since I have already said "yes" to Lawrence, a fellow blogger to cover the event I have to be there. Turned out that it was such an eye candy and a stress - reliever while strolling to the different landscape designs of blooming flowers, mushrooms, ferns, bonsai etc spread all over the place. Just over a  week ago I went there with Lawrence to check the place and it was really bare and untidy. 

But I could not believe how it transformed to a mini - paradise by these very creative people (mostly landscape designers by profession / hobby) behind this! And when you live in the city it is a bliss to find nature from time to time. I really recommend for anyone to come and see this spectacular exhibit.  Tag along your family members or friends who are plant enthusiasts. Do not bring forget to bring your camera as there are a lot to take pictures of. You can also buy different herbs to bring home for simple medication assistance you might need in the future. There's a lot to choose: antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and even antitumor containing properties. We have been super attached to synthetic medicines even to the simplest body discomfort we feel even though we all know in the future it will have some bad effects if used too much.
Through events like this, the public is given a chance to be educated how horticulture can make our lives better. Not only in terms of health  and wellness but as a tool for improved tourism. 

The Horticulture Philippines 2014 is brought to you by Philippine Horticulture Society Inc. This exhibit will last for 10 days from Jan 24th - Feb3rd, 2014. There are a lot of free lectures (some of their speakers are from abroad who just flew in to attend the event) as well you can join. For more information please click here. We are also offering a Quezon City Heritage Tour with a sidetrip to Horticulture Philippines 2014, please click here for details.

Let me share you some teaser photos from yesterday's opening. 

Thank you for this Japanese mint :)

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