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Of Unplanned Trips and Birthday Getaways

Pagudpud, Ilocos
In just a over a week is my birthday. Last year I spent the most important day of my life in El Nido, Palawan.  I almost don't want to go back. It was a paradise for me, promise!  I also did a side trip to Puerto Princesa to see the world - famous and UNESCO protected Palawan Underground River. 

It was actually a half - vacation and half - work mode as on top of my list is to find tour guides and travel operators whom I can tie up with for Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa Tour Packages. I was also working full time then and only use my spare time for my online travel shop .  

I was busy arranging other people's trips that I did not have the time to prepare for my own up to the day of my travel! The moment I landed in the airport of Palawan that was the only chance I started asking the locals of an affordable accommodation they can recommend!

Good thing It was not hard for me to find one at all. The tricycle driver who assisted me is very nice. Unlike the one I encountered previously.  This is also an unplanned trip - not that I was busy or anything but I presumed I know everything. I was in Iloilo and just came from an hour ferry ride in Bacolod hoping to catch the soonest boat ride to Guimaras Island. The  tricycle driver upon knowing that I am not a local there (I was speaking to him in Tagalog), overcharged me. He was asking for P250 for a 15 minute ride to my hotel! I knew he is trying to screw me up, but I am already inside a running tricycle. There was also a guy sitting behind him. I was alone and they can do anything worse so I paid the amount. 

In El Nido, Palawan
Afterall, what is two hundred and fifty pesos over a life at stake in a place I don't have friends and family who can rescue me? I am more than glad that my succeeding trips around the country never gave me a similar situation like this. I have been to Ilocos thrice, Sagada, Banaue, Benguet, Baguio, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro etc.  I went home bringing nothing but good memories. Travelling alone is really an awesome idea but not all the time especially for women like me.  I hope I did not discouraged anyone to keep on travelling! So long as you have faith wherever you are either alone or with peers never be afraid to go out and explore new places.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River

This year I decided that no out of town trip for me. I am very much focused in my online travel shop now. Not even an out of the country getaway unless I have someone who can take charge of my tasks.   I am very proud to say that a few more tours will be added in our list: Batanes, Bolinao and Hundred Island, Bataan, Potipot and Caramoan.

I am bringing 35+ people to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival just the day after my birthday. Yours truly will be going there as well, a free trip for two given to me by one of my travel partners.  Take note fourteen (14) of them are Malaysians  and they are getting one van private tour from the airport of Subic.  My mom will be coming all the way from Bicol to join me to Baguio. She will arrive a day or two before the trip. I am planning to bring her and my siblings staying here in Manila to Binondo for a food tour and yours truly will be their guide.   Hope I do my job well!

I am also praying to join a trip to Antique this last week of February. I can't wait to visit the Vizayas again. I hope my prayer to be answered soon. Living a freelance life is not easy.  But I can't go back  and I have nothing to get back of whatever I let go for my "past" life so I have to be ready for whatever that comes my way.

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