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The Challenge of Working Freelance and as a Bootstrapping Entrepreneur

At the Wright  Park, Baguio
Now back in Manila after spending a weekend in  Baguio. We suffered an uber heavy traffic going back because of some road construction in Benguet, La Union. What the driver did is we took another route via Dagupan which was a few hours longer.  We arrived 2am instead of the 12mn target, I woke up 8am then start working!

Anyway other than this I have no qualms about our trip there. I am happy to bring some ube jams from Good Shepherd (I have been longing to eat this for years!) and tried their musang or civet coffee. It is a coffee made from the undigested / fecal matter of a civet. I am supposed to make a separate blog post of this and what to see in  Baguio but I have been extremely busy! I happened to check my last  blog post, it is dated 15th of February. As a freelance and a bootstrapping entrepreneur who makes a living out of this  site alone, I am crazy about gaining more online traffic. It means more exposure, more sales and more ad clicks. In short more money for me. Ok let me rephrase, "more purchasing power" since the word has so many negative connotations.

I am crazy about how Google ranks a particular website on top for a certain keyword. I am crazy about how SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) work. I am more than crazy to meet and perhaps collaborate to those who are passionate about these: travel, startups and entrepreneurship.  In other words they are the travelers, startup founders / co-founders and entrepreneurs. They live the life that I dream to have for as long as I live : location - independent style. They have no boss and work for themselves. They are always keen to start something from the scratch. They make a living from their smartphones and laptops. They can work at the beach, in a coffee shop even in  their bedside.  They create a job out of their creativity, talents and skills more than their academic degrees.  Call me exaggerated but I wanna say this loud, "They are the most awesome people I have ever met!"  They are one of the reasons why I left my 8 year old very stable and redundant job to take chances and follow my dreams.  I can talk for hours about them.

Since the number of inquiries that I am receiving has doubled lately, I am also torn between choosing to be a plain blogger or focus on the marketing / business side of blogging. I am sure being a plain blogger won't give me enough money to pay my bills and rents here in Manila.  Choosing the second one would mean I have to sacrifice a length of time .  Joining events related to travel, accommodation, tourism and blogging has become very irresistible for me because I get to know a lot and get a lot of related opportunities. 

So there you go! You now know the reason whenever It takes me a long time to post something here. Not that I have forgotten but I have too much to do.

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