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Presenting Our Pilot Binondo Food Tour

As part of our efforts to shake the market of Manila City tours and see if there is a place for us, we decided to have our first ever Binondo Food Tour during the celebration of the Chinese New Year on Jan. 31st, 2014. We hope this special day will give us good luck to organize more soon!  

Established around 15th century, , Binondo is said to be the oldest "Chinatown" (outside China) in the world in terms of historical value.  Though the facade and infrastructures do not really say so (not properly preserved), I agree with a known tour guide in Binondo as well that rather say this line to entice people to come here, why not say this? "It is a haven of countless restaurants offering authentic Chinese food. The budget is not a problem because just walking in the streets you will find a place where you can eat according to your budget!  After all, this is the kind of tour you won't sweat to market because this is all about eating!

I have been to Binondo a few times and ate a few times before. We usually come here with friends out of curiosity. Yes we were able to eat a lot and went home stomach full. But during those times I feel there is always something missing. I was looking for a group I can be part of. With like-minded individuals who can share each of their musings of this place. Not with a group of friends who knew nothing, that includes me. I was looking for an authority who can give me trivia more than what I read online. And that's what tours are for. We put that walking and eating for a few hours one level up. It becomes an informal classroom that everyone gets to learn something new.

Dragon dance

In front of the Binondo Chinatown entrance

I am glad the one we did was exactly the kind of I was wishing to be part of. We were a total of 19: 12 is from  Malolos, Bulacan and members of a heritage conservation society, 4 did a last - minute book from my online travel shop, me and my sister Mitch, Philip a fellow blogger and Rence the tour guide.

An old house in San Nicolas

This is the old house in San Nicolas I so love the most because of those very beautiful designs of metal castings located at the upper part of the door.  It looked so old and rusty but when you look closer it is actually a piece of art that stood the test of time.
We first did a side trip to Escolta - the Makati of yesterday.  What made us luckier than any other groups doing a food tour that very day, is the group from the heritage conservation society. They brought us 15 minutes outside of Binondo, in San Nicolas. I am so delighted to see a lot of old houses.   I learned so much. A lot of remnants of the foundry business that occurred in the past can still be seen today. 

I learned so much for that few hours I was with them.  Of  course I went home stomach full.  Our second group for our Binondo Food tour will be held this Sunday 9am. They are 12. Hmmm looks like indeed it is really a good luck that we started this last Chinese New Year :)


Endless walking

No photos of our food. We were so tired and we want to preserve the originality and the suspense of what we eat every time we go on a tour. You have to join us for you to know :) 
For more details of our Binondo Food Tour please  click here.

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