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The Kiping in Pahiyas Festival, Lucban Quezon

The "kiping" decoration in the houses during Pahiyas Festival makes the Lucban, Quezon's fiesta uniquely famous around the country. I mean sure there are good - looking plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits and other ornaments that make up the whole beauty of the house's facade but it is the kiping that symbolizes the artistry of the locals. A skill that is passed from generation to generation only found in this town. 

Imagine the Pahiyas Festival being celebrated on the 15th of May every year without it.  I think it will look just the same as the rest of what we all see in a fiesta somewhere.  

I am dedicating this post solely  about keeping because this is one of the many traditions that we make the Philippines rich in culture and heritage. Also I heard of a few people wanting to commercialize the use of artificial kiping. 

While the intention "to produce more long - lasting ones (because it is made of plastic) therefore it can be kept and used for the next season" is good, I think it is the tradition that is being killed slowly here. Yes modern technology has made our life simpler in countless ways but we just can't let everything from our past be forgotten.

What is a kiping?
A kiping is an edible rice wafer usually shaped into colorful leaves and used to make aranyas or (chandelier - shaped hanging decoration)

What are the ingredients of a kiping?
Ground rice, food color, sugar and water. You will also need a kabal or banana leaf as a pattern to follow the shape of a leaf.

How to make a kiping?
1. Choose a leaf that is thick and that the veins inside are very visible so that it can endure th heat of the steam.
2. Mix all the ingredients then coat the leaf and steam for 5 minutes.
3. Let it dry for an hour then take the kiping off the leaf.

The kiping can either be grilled or fried. For the best taste, you can dip the grilled one in white vinegar and the fried in sugar.

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