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Maleficent Special Screening in Trinoma

I'm really a fan of fairy tales and live - happily - ever - after movie endings! Recently a lot of all - time favorite Disney stories were being remade in a twisted version. I actually have second thoughts of whether these are worth watching because for me nothing beats the original story no mater what! 

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to join the special screening of Maleficent in Trinoma with the rest of bloggers, press and media invited. I finally got to watch the Sleeping Beauty version from Maleficent's side. This I tell you, I loved the story more! Let me explain to you without spoiling everything so that you still have the room to see the movie yourself in the cinema theater near you.

Maleficent, is a story of greediness, true love and and forgiveness. Yes all of the movies has if not one of these but here, the lead character played by Angeline Jolie is the villain and the hero at the same time.

The story starts when the younger Maleficient, a winged fairy who is a mighty protector of her kingdom, met Stephan a boy from the nearby kingdom. They became playmates, friends and then fell in love with each other.  On her 16th birthday, he gifted her a true love's kiss as a promise that they will be together forever. But as they grew older they have lost time and communication to each other. Maleficent spent all her life defending her kingdom to anyone who wants to conquer them including the King of the nearby kingdom where Stephan lives. In his deathbed, the King said he will give his crown to anyone who can kill Maleficent. 

Stephan who really aims to be a king himself, decided to see Maleficent after such a long time. He warned her of the death threat and spent the night with her. When Maleficent was asleep, he tried to kill her but he just decided to take off her wings. When she woke the next morning,  he is gone and so her wings.

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Stephan became the king and soon got married and had a baby. Without her wings, Maleficent is almost as helpless though she has powers. She hated Stephan so much that she planned to revenge to him. On the christening of his baby, Princess Aurora she went there as an uninvited guest to give a gift - actually a curse to the baby. She cursed the princess to "prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die" before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday. Only a true love's kiss will save her from an eternal sleep which she thought there is nothing like this as in her case she never had.

As she watches the baby grow each day until she becomes a teenager, she has learned to care for her to the point that she tried to stop the curse she gave her. The spell did however continued and just like what she said before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she was pricked on the spindle of a spinning wheel. They did everything to save Aurora. She was kissed by a guy she just met shortly hoping that he can give him a true love's kiss but no he was not ... until Maleficent kissed her on her forehead and promised "to keep her safe for as long as she lives" since she herself could not stop her own spell.

After a few minutes, Aurora wakes up. It was Maleficent who gave her a true love's kiss.  Whew there you go! I think I have said enough.  Now go and buy a ticket to watch this yourself in the cinema. I promise you this is nothing compared to the scenery of that wide screen in front of you telling the whole story. This movie is perfect if you have kids in tow :)

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