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Ilocos tour package, itinerary and accommodation reviews

I have been to Ilocos many times for different reasons: from personal trips to a holiday getaway and even as a venue for an international conference on tourism. 

But I must say that I still have not had enough of what Ilocos has as a destination. I still would like to visit this place over and over again. A trip 
here is like going on a one - stop shop because for 3 days and 2 nights, you can have a good combination of nature, heritage,, outdoor activities and food all together!  

Located in the northwest of Luzon, it only takes approximately 10 hours to get here from Manila by land and 45 minutes by air. If you think you don't have the patience to travel via bus or private vehicle for 10 hours, the most ideal time of departure is around 9pm of the night before your trip so that you can just sleep away for the whole duration and reach Ilocos as you wake up in the morning of around 7am.

When it comes to the sights, you will see a lot that are unique if not rare of its kind. Ilocos is also a favorite for budget - savvy travellers  because you don't have to bring a hefty cash just to have a fun and memorable adventure here. With that I would like to share to you everything I know about Ilocos. I hope you will pack your bag soon with your family and friends to see this place. Just keep in mind that Ilocos tour sight seeing is divided into 3 places: Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpud.

Things to see in Ilocos
1. Bangui WindMillThis is the first power generating windmill farm in SE Asia arranged on a single row stretching along a 9km shoreline off  Bangui Bay facing South China Sea.

2. Kapurpurawan Rock FormationConsists of seeveral rock formations located in the rocky coast of  Burgos. It is known for creamy white limestone formations artistically sculpted by oceanic and weather forces. 

3. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse - This was first lit in 1892. Now already 122 years old, it still does its task as a guide to ships that enter the Philippine archipelago.

4. La Paz Sand dunes - This place is our very own version of a desert that offers a majestic view of sunsets and sunrises.  Several local and international films where shoot here as a testament that this indeed is a place having a great panoramic view. 

5. Paoay Lake - Seeing Paoay Lake from a distance is like getting a quick dose of peace because of its bluish water creating smaller waves. When the sun is up, you will see this body of water sparkle like diamonds in the air! The best months to come here are November and December because the lake is enveloped entirely of hundreds of migratory coming from different parts of the country and abroad.

6. Hidden Garden in Vigan - This is a garden created from a lot of creativity from its landscape designer owner now an entrepreneur because of its profit.  The place is entirely designed using native products that you will really feel at home in a typical Filipino ambiance. 

7. Calle Crisologo - This is a UNESCO heritage site composed of several blocks of old houses that remind us of the Spanish period. Taking a walk here is like being transported back in times of our great - great grand parents wearing those Maria Clara dresses and riding in a calesa (horse - drawn carriage) as a means of transportation.

8. Baluarte ni Chavit Zoo - Owned by a famous politician, this zoo is home to many domestic and rate animals. The admission here is free and you can climb in one of the mountaintop inside where you can see a breathtaking view of Vigan. 

9.Paoay Church - Also known as the Church of St Augustine, this was completed in 1710 and famous for its enormous buttresses on the sides and back of the structure that make this earthquake - proof.This is also a UNESCO world heritage site and belongs to the list of Baroque Churches of the Philippines.

10. Malacañang Ti Amianan (Malacañang of the North) - This mansion used to be the official residence of former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos and his family.  Have a glimpse inside to learn how do wealthy family like them live back then.

Accommodation choices
There's a lot to choose where to stay in Ilocos. If you are budget - conscious, you can stay at lodging houses, inns and homestays for P250 - 300 per night. If you want to stay in a place that has a touch of our rich heritage, you may find one near Calle Crisologo in Vigan. If you want to stay closer in the airport or bus terminals, you have to find one in Laoag. If you are a beach bum, you may find a beach resort in Pagudpud.
Take note these 3 places are 1-2 hours away from each other so you need to really consider the proximity of whatever is the priority of your travel.

Here is a list of accommodations I have stayed before and happy with the service:

Vigan Plaza Hotel - For culture and heritage bums who want to stay in a place that reminds us of our glorious past. Wifi is pretty good.

address: Mena Crisologo Street, Brgy 2. Vigan City, Ilocos Sur Philippines 2700. 

Aurelios Mansion - For those who want to be closer to the bus terminals and airport.  Wifi is not reliable.

address: Brgy. 23 Vintar Road, Laoag City, Laoag City

Casa Victoria -  If you want a beachfront accommodation this is perfect for you. The wifi is freaking good plus they offer free breakfast.

address: Brgy. Saud, Pagudpud

Hannah Lou Homestay - Love the family that owns this! They cooked us the best fresh lobster for our dinner and gave us that at - home feel.

address: Saud Beach, Pagudpud Ilocos Norte
contact persons: Kuya Ruben or Ate Marife  via 09213104826

How to go to Ilocos

via Cubao bus station you can choose from many bus operators: Partas liner, Fariñas liner and Victory Liner. The ticket costs from 600 - 1, 000 depending if you want an aircon or ordinary ride.

Ready to go there, now what's next?

We also offer a 3 day and 2 night Ilocos tour package if you don't have time to prepare your own trip. We suggest you to join our regular tour which includes a roundtrip van to save on cost. The departure is every Thursday 9PM then back to Manila 12mn of Sunday. 

If you want to commute (via bus or airplane), we also arrange tour and accommodation only.

For more information please contact 0998-989-3921 or email anytime. 

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