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Mabuhay Restop's Manila Vanilla Show and the Get Comet Jeep

I've heard a lot of people and groups calling themselves as our country's advocates in many ways. But for a restaurant, it is quite a few to find one among others that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and at the same time active when it comes to promoting the many advocacy of our country. 

One good example is the Mabuhay Restop Travel Cafe and Museum, a unique kind of restaurant located along Rizal Park in Roxas Boulevard that promotes the Philippine cultural heritage through food, tours, shows, art and other attractions.  Last Saturday night, I am lucky to join a dinner with media personalities and four of the Miss Earth winners 2013 to watch one of its hilarious and funny show entitled "Manila Vanilla".

As I step inside the restaurant, I can really say that almost everything I see glorifies the symbol and pride of being a Filipino. The paintings, artworks, products, wines, furniture and even the the interior design of the restaurant all have a touch of our local artisan's craftsmanship.  Of course my favorite if not all of us there is having a chance to taste their food. I love their chicken binakol soup made entirely from the buko juice and their halo - halo to beat the hot weather of the night!

What made our dinner more enjoyable  and why we went there in the first place is the "Manila Vanilla", a musical - comedy travel show that is about a family (a father and 2 daughters) preparing to open a bed and breakfast written and directed by Nestor U. Torre with music by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab.  Aside from the story plot, the show also showcases all about the Filipino idiosyncrasies. In other words, these are our unusual features or odd habit as a Filipino.  I am sure everyone will have a good laugh of so many beliefs that are passed from generation to generation and realize "Yeah why do we do that when others don't?"

In between breaks of the story, the Philippines different local dances are also featured like the tinikling, itik - itik, sayaw sa bangko et cetera. Even in this simplest way, we are reminded that we have a very rich culture way indeed!

The beautiful Miss Earth 2013 winners also had a share on the stage when they were taught how to dance the Tinikling and try it themselves. 

Yours truly with the lovely and oh very tall Miss Earth 2013 winnners:

Also part of the night's celebration is the introduction of COMET e-jeep, a 20 - seater modern version of our jeepneys. This is battery operated and uses air suspension technology that can raise the vehicle's body more than 16 inches off the ground in case of flooded roads. Just like the ones I saw in Singapore, this uses a prepaid card instead of money to pay.

I regretted arriving when it is a bit dark already. the COMET e-jeep is parked outside the Mabuhay Resto without any added lighting and I find it hard to take a clear picture of. Anyway here's a photo below I grabbed from the official Facebook Fan Page of GET Philippines for you to have an idea of:

Photo credit  source here

I really hope to see more of these in our road. This is very efficient and will make our roads less - polluted. 

Now back to Mabuhay Restop, if you have balikbayan friends and relatives you have to invite them here for that taste of true Philippine culture! Moreso if you have foreigner friends who are looking for a taste of our country, this restaurant is a good start for them to get to know us. For more information you can check their website here and official Facebook Fan Page for updates here.

Address: Rizal Park, Ermita, 1000 Manila, Philippines
Contact numbers: (02) 359-7927, 353-8752, 0917-810-8195

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