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DIY Itinerary To 3D2N Surigao Del Sur's Enchanted River, Places To Visit, Where To Go

Enchanted River Photo credit to Von Taripe

Who wouldn't want to spend a day swimming in Enchanted River? My eyes would always be wide open whenever I see photos like this and blame myself why until now I haven't done anything yet to get there. A fellow backpacker I met online, posted his itinerary for a three - day - and - two - night stay in Surigao del Sur. The other photos are so stunning that I feel I have to share it to the rest of the world who needs help about planning a trip there. The places that he's been in Surigao del Sur are Tinuy-an Falls, Enchanted River, Britania Islets, Laswitan Island, Sihagan Island, Bagac Spring and Cortes Islands.

Bagac Spring, Surigao del Sur Photo credit to Von Taripe


9:10am - ETA at Butuan airport
9:30am - Breakfast at Libertad via multicab(P9)
10:30am - ETD to San Francisco via Davao Bus (110)
1:30pm - ETA San Francisco Terminal
1:35pm - ETD San Fran bus terminal to Hinatuan (P80 via van Mangagoy)
2:50pm - ETA Hinatuan to Enchanted river via habal habal, jump off crossing enchanted (P150 good for 3pax habal habal)
3:10pm - ETD at Enchanted river (P20 entrance)
5:00pm - Wash up 
5:15pm - ETA at crossing enchanted(150 good for 3pax habal habal)
5:30pm - ETD to Mangagoy(P60 via bus)
7:00pm - ETA and dinner at Mangagoy Bislig
9:00pm - Check in at Casa de Babano P240 each(P1200 good for 5pax)

"The Hinatuan Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur is known to be very deep that no one hasn't reached its abyss yet. Its color which is blue green and the cold water attracts so many tourists from the Philippines and abroad."

Sihagan Island Photo credit to Von Taripe

4:00am - Wake up call
4:50 - ETD Mangagoy to Tinuy-an falls via habal habal(P100)
5:30am - ETA at Tinuy-an Falls
7:00am - Back to hotel via habal habal(P100)
7:00am - Breakfast
8:00am - ETD Bislig terminal to Bogac Barobo(P80)
9:50am - ETA Barobo Terminal
9:51am - ETD to Bagac Spring via tricycle (P8) jump off Bogac Purok 1
9:56am - ETA Bogac spring (no entrance fee) walking distance from highway
11:00am - wash up and back to barobo terminal (P8)
11:25am - ETD to Britania Island, jump off salvacion(P60)
12:00pm - ETA Salavacion ride a tricycle to LGU (P20)
12:30pm - ETA at LGU (P25 entrance fee)
12:32pm - Start island hopping (hagonoy, nyornyoran, naked, buslon)(P1,000 shared by 3pax), P350 each. 
2:40pm - Back to LGU, end of island hopping.
4:20pm - ETD at Salvacion via bus to Tandag (P80)
6:00pm - ETA at Tandag ride a tricycle to hotel (P8).

Laswitan Lagoon, Surigao del Sur Photo credit Von Taripe
"Laswitan Lagoon in Cortes, Surigao del Sur is known to have incredible rock formation plus three natural basins. When the water is brimming, the waves would fall down to each of these main basins creating a waterfall - like effect."

5:00am - Wake up call and breakfast
6:30am - ETD to Cortez via bus Surigao(P40)
7:00am - Jump off crossing cortez
7:30am - Ride habal habal to Laswitan(P40 each)
8:00am - Start island hopping (Laswitan, Buybuyan, Sihagan)
11:00pm - End of island hopping back to crossing cortes via habal habal(P50 per head)
1:00pm - ETD back to Surigao via bus (P215)
5:00pm - ETD Bancasi airport via van(P120)

Estimated Budget: 3,000+

Imagine, for three thousand pesos for three days he spent only three thousand plus? This is insane but it is definitely attainable as proven by Von Taripe. His trip included a free accommodation, that is why but I don't think it will cost much to find a nice place of stay anywhere in Surigao del Sur since this is a remote province. I hope this itinerary to Surigao del Sur helps to anyone going there especially the Hinatuan Enchanted rive. Thanks Von!


  1. Hi. ask ko lng po san kyo nag stay sa tandag? thank you

  2. Hi. ask ko lng po san kyo nag stay sa tandag? thank you

  3. Hi. ask ko lng po san kyo nag stay sa tandag? thank you

  4. Hi. ask ko lng po san kyo nag stay sa tandag? thank you

  5. Hi. ask ko lng po san kyo nag stay sa tandag? thank you

  6. hi ask lang po if this july okay ba ang laswitan?? may waterfalls effect ba???