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Passport to Creativity: A Trip to Send 6 Students + 3 Mentors To Kenya, Chile and Australia

To those who didn't made it to Passport to Asia where 9 creatives from all over the world are gathered in Hong Kong right now in an all expense paid trip to visit other 4 cities across Asia: Bangkok, Yangon, Siem Reap and Delhi, this is your time to shine. Designed specifically to students and in partnership with Adobe's Creative Cloud, the lucky ones will visit protected areas in Australia, Kenya and Chile. They'll be creating stories using apps built in Adobe's  Creative Cloud.

According to Passion Passport, they will capture and interpret three of the most important conversation efforts happening around the world. Each student's work will be showcased in an immersive, multimedia installation that recreates their expression of a protected landscape in an urban environment.  

Two of them will go to Patagonia National Park, a geographic wonderland in Chile that stretches from the fjords along the Pacific coast to the glacier - fed rivers of the Atlantic coast. Another pair will go to Kenya to document the Marah Cheetah Project and the last two in Lord Howe Island, considered as the cleanest place on earth.        

All you need to do is tag a video or photo on your Instagram feed or Behance account that best showcase your creativity and your perspective in the world using the hashtags #MadeThis and #PassportToCreativity. There's no limit of many tags of entries you can send.

Passion Passport is a community of Instagram storytellers that are photographers, creatives and a lot more. They are already close to 600,000 people on Instagram. #PassionPassport is actually one of my most used hashtag in my travel photos on Instagram. I would say this is the most active and the most promising Instagram account that showcases the best travel photos and captions that remind anyone that the world is still beautiful no matter how it is now. Deadline of submission is on Feb. 23, 2016.    

To apply for Passion Passport's Passport to Creativity, please click here.

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