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Tree Top Adventure's Official Website Is Now Up And Presenting Sam YG, The Brand Ambassador

It is such a pity that last minute before the media launching of Tree Top Adventure's official website with DJ Sam YG, an unexpected thing happened. I can't go in short but since I have committed to this event prior, the only thing I need is find a representative. Nelson, is an aspiring blogger whom I met through a travel agency I worked with. Back when I used to sell local tours around the country in exchange of commission way, way back. The love for writing is there already, what he need is more exposure to blogging events and to mingle with fellow bloggers for real - time learning.   I can see the passion in him to start blogging and he's like a younger brother to me. I always tap him whenever my schedule got mixed up.

Mid - afternoon, he chatted with me on Facebook saying that the event is over and thanking me. I said, I'd like to thank him more for saving me from being a no - show there. He sent me photos which I am posting now, then I quickly reviewed the up and running website of Tree Top Adventure. The photo above shows Ms. Jackie Dilag - Marketing & Sales Officer (Subic), Ms. Ma. Camille O. Montejo - the Marketing and Branding Head, Sam YG - brand ambassador, Engr. Grace B. Nicolas and Mr. Jace Mendoza- Assistant Marketing & Sales Officer (Baguio).  I will update this with the names of the first and last one, once I got the information.

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Let me give a brief introduction of  Tree Top Adventure first. It is the only theme park in the Philippines with motorized team building facility & with the first different types of motorized zip lines in Asia.  It has two branches: Tree Top Adventure inside Camp John Hay Baguio City and Tree Top Adventure inside Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Subic, Zambales.  What I love about Tree Top Park in terms of responsible tourism which yours truly support is that they use an original tree trunk clamping mechanism to make sure that trees are not harmed in their spectacular natural setting.

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Nelson & Sam YG

I like the overall design of Tree Top Adventure's website: simple, direct to the point and follows a top - down navigation approach. They say that the attention of a person checking website is very short. If you are a brand selling a product or service, you got to tell what you are in the first half of the homepage.  If not , you lose your reader or you lose a sale.

Website screenshot

With Tree Top Adventure's official site, it shows a big logo giving a hint of what kind of brand it is. It got tabs that serve as street signs to lead the reader where to get that kind of information they are looking for. The only thing that I may suggest is that once this website starts gaining huge traffic, they may consider adding ads like Google adsense.  Not all visitors of a website buys a product or service but they're keen on clicking banners that generate money.

Tree Top Adventure belongs to Zoomanity group, the company behind other theme parks I have visited in the past: Residence Inn & Paradizoo in Cavite and Zoocobia in Clark. To know more about Tree Top Adventure's signature rides & attractions please click here and for team building details here.  

To connect with them in social media:
IG : Twitter: FB page :

Tree Top Adventure contact information:

For Subic : Jest Area, Upper Mau, Cubi Point,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
T: +6347 252-9425
M: +63922 576-9156 / +63915 838-9354

For Baguio: Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay
Loakan Road, Baguio City
T: +6374 442-0800
M: +63932 404-1112

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