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Budget Hotel in Manila: The Red Planet Makati Avenue Blog Review

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
red planet makati

It's been a month since G arrived in the Philippines. He has been travelling for 6 months volunteering to Nepal then doing side trips to Singapore and Malaysia. All went well after our first meetup - we like each other and we want to spend more time together. On our second overnight hotel staycation, I wanted a hip, cozy, and affordable hotel in Manila for both of us. 

We are die-hard hostel dwellers but this time we want to be in a cheap accommodation in Manila that is away from the prying eyes of young people. We want privacy and a space for both of us alone. We aren't in the mood to chill out with others - we just want a lone moment to each of us. While I was searching, Red Planet was the very first thing that came to my mind. I have stayed previously at their branch in Ermita, I am happy with the customer service and most of all I had a good night sleep so I want to go back. Next thing, I knew we were already booked!

Main entrance
red planet hotel makati
Front desk

red planet hotel manila
Parts of the lobby

Introduction to Red Planet Hotels

Red Planet Hotels (formerly Tune Hotels) is a chain of budget - accommodations in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Philippines. In the country alone, they have 10 branches at these areas: Aseana city, Ermita, Ortigas, Quezon City, Angeles City, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao and 2 in Makati (Barangay Pio del Pilar and Makati Avenue).   

Here are a few things you need to know about booking a hotel in Red Planet.

Bring a valid ID for verification
I was almost not permitted to check in because I forgot all of my ID's. The lady at the counter is very strict - it is like NO entry, NO check in. I gave my booking number but it is not enough. While I admire her following the rule of Red Planet for security purposes, I know this is going to happen for other guests as well. They should be open to alternative solution like in my case I have a PDF file of my passport and unification ID or showing the email confirmation of booking details. Because as soon as I said I don't have, she never offered any other solution and proceeded to entertain other guests. What if I booked for 5 nights, will I waste all I paid just because I left my ID? We are talking about a room which is around PHp 2k per night. Still, after my mishap has been sorted out, we were able to get inside our room in less than 10 minutes.

You will be given an electronic access card along with a personalized wifi username and password
This keycard will be used entirely when you get up the elevator and of course enter your hotel room. I know staycation is about bonding with the person you're with but my work is online that's why I chose Red Planet. From my first Red Planet stay in Malate, I have a really strong wifi connection and that matters so much to me. The wifi access is only good for 3 gadgets per room. I have my laptop, mobile phone and his mobile phone - we had no problem with this. For those who have no gadgets, at the lobby, there are 3 pieces of flat - screen computer to access Internet.

red planet hotel philippines
The room

The Hotel Room
Our room has one standard bed. It's size is just enough for two people. I love the red and white color combination. The golden brown color of the Color white for me exudes a serene feeling while red gives a fierce look. Everything inside our room speaks about simplicity, creativity, innovation to save space, and a lot more. 
  •  LCD TV flat screen mounted to the wall. Instead of putting it over the table, it saves space. It's cable ready, very            clear and lots of channels to choose from. The moment you open it, the Red      Planet advertisement shows up of what you need to know during your stay,        current promo's et cetera
  • Two rounded lights mounted to the wall that replace lampshades. These are located at the left and rightmost of the bed where the pillows are       (yes, lampshades are so 1990's). If you want a much dimmer lighting, you         can turn off the two main lights then turn these all on. 
Other amenities:

A big ceiling fan with long blades plus aircon, hair blower attached on the wall and a metal deposit box where you can store your money or gadgets and two kinds of mirrors: crosswise mirror sprawled at the other wall from end to end. It creates an illusion that the room is much  bigger. Second is  a  lengthwise mirror mounted on the wall facing the door of the bathroom.

red planet hotel makati
View of bathroom thru the mirror

Breakfast is NOT included
Yes, you heard it right. However, don't fret. You are in the middle of Makati's business district. It's so impossible for you to starve! Well, Red Planet has a resident restobar that serves food 24 hours or you can order meals like burgers, pizza, rice meals et cetera. They will deliver your food right at your doorstep! 

What we did since we are adventurous, we went out. The nearest is 7/11 which is just outside the building right beside two banks. We walked a few blocks away because we want to see the face of Makati avenue at night. There are a lot of options, A Venue and Century City mall, fast food chains and clean carinderias for those who are on a budget.  

Two space-saving innovations unique to Red Planet

1. NO drawer or cabinet to store your belongings. Red Planet is really serious about space. What they have is a metal bar shaped like elongated U-bar attached to the wall. Three pieces of hangers are provided. If you have bulky backpacks and big luggages, there are no particular spot for you - just anywhere near the walls of the room will do.

2. Foldable wooden table attached to the wall. I'm still confused of what is this for but for me this is where you can put your small belongings or your food. Though it is quite far from the bed for a few steps so if you want to eat your meal, you do it in a standing position or for more comfort I will suggest to sit on your bed instead while you munch your food. 

3. Two customized boxes attached to the wall: one stores body soap for general use found near the sink and another one is a 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/bath gel located just below the shower.  

red planet hotel review

The en suite Bathroom
Surprisingly, I find the bathroom of Red Planets quite spacious. It has a sink, a toilet bowl with bidet, and shower that adjusts very fast whenever I want a lukewarm or cold water. Comfortable towels, floor mat and one roll of tissue paper are provided free of charge.   

red planet hotel tripadvisor review


We had a pleasant stay! Location is superb though it is in the middle of the business district. We were in the 6th out of the 10 floors. There's a bit of building construction going on. The elevator is way too cool! It has two opposite doors: you use the first one to get in and the other one to get out. Security is tight as well. We saw how these guys in uniform are really doing their job. The surrounding is clean. Everything is working fine: aircon, wifi, shower, and sink. I so love my bed and pillows: soft and super comfy!

Again, about asking ID's to verify if it's the right person who booked a room, I hope they aren't strict so much. The lady never entertained me after I said I don't have it. She said they need it like it is the only way to get in then turned her back and entertained another guest right away. Sure, there are regulations in every company but I think there should always be another way or another solution. She should have told me that or have asked a few questions. This, however is not stopping me to book a room in Red Planet Hotel again!

I suggest downloading the Red Planet app. They offer exclusive discounts to those who book through their mobile app.   

Once you are a member of Red Planet's Loyalty Programme, you'll have these perks the soonest: 10% off on all bookings, 25% off during your birth month, exclusive access to cool features and more discounts to 180+ partner restaurants.

Address: E. Mercado Corner F. Calderon Street, Kalayaan Ave, Makati, 1210
Telephone number: (02) 817 0888     

Note: This is a sponsored stay but all the opinions and thoughts shared are all mine. Thanks Red Planet Makati for having me!

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