Royal Bellagio Hotel Makati and Filling Restaurant Blog Review

When I got a chance to stay in two hotels that are located in Makati's red district, I have to admit I was hesitant for a while given the negative connotation that this is a place dominated by bar girls and old White foreign guys. But of course, I super love to do hotel staycations so I took this as a challenge. We stayed one night each to sister hotels Royal Bellagio and Ritz Astor which are just a block a way to each. This post is exclusively about Royal Bellagio and its equally amazing in - house restaurant called Filling Restaurant. Sure, every hotel has its resident restaurants but this is the first time ever I am going to highlight this part of the hotel. I will tell that in a few minutes. For now let me tell you about Royal Bellagio.

Coming from another hotel staycation, Element Boutique Hotel which is a few blocks away, we arrived in Royal Bellagio almost lunch time. The hotel is located on the second floor. There are two possible ways to get in: through Cafe Cubana (elevator or stairs) and through Filling Restaurant (stairs) to get to the reception. We took the Cafe Cubana way which at first would intimidate you when you pass by because of these tables of old white guys setting side by side with girls wearing skimpy clothes.

Checking in
It's a breeze to check in at Royal Bellagio. Just present your booking confirmation email, valid ID and a deposit of Php 2000 which will be returned full if you did not broke or lose anything inside the hotel room. The reception area at the second floor is wide. It's a relief after we got inside the small elevator. The 3 receptions are very nice, attentive and gave the details of our stay very clear. In a few minutes, we found ourselves back at the elevator guided by a guy who is stationed at the elevator to assist guests going to their rooms.

The hotel room
Our room is relatively small which I understood because they are located in a business district like Makati where space is a big deal. However, they made up for what are the stuff inside aside from the bed of course and toilet.

Despite the limited space they were able to squeeze in these: microwave, bath tub, office table complete with rectangular mirror, minibar, cabinet two chairs & round table, a small kitchen where you can wash dishes and a mini refrigerator. As you see in the photo, the bed exudes that matrimonial feels. Aircon is working fine and of course, especial mention to the wifi. It was stable. 

Certainly, you don't need to go out when you crave to drink a coffee or drink some liquor. These are both for sale except the complimentary two bottles of mineral water.  

The Royal Bellagio Hotel is well aware of the kind of its clients they serve mostly. I even saw a laminated notice about safe sex.  As a matter of fact the bathroom came with a pack of condoms (for sale). During our stay despite the bars that surround the area, we found our room quiet. Though its motif is wooden, maybe they can add some colors on it.  

The Flling Restaurant
Royal Bellagio's resident restaurant deserves a feature of its own.  Filled with memorabilias of vintage things of the Western world, this restaurant is super Instagrammable. They say it's particularly Italian but I find it more North American actually. Everywhere you see, its worth taking a picture. Our room came with a boxed complimentary breakfast which we ate here. 

See photos below:


All in all, I would super recommend anyone who is looking for an affordable hotel to stay in Makati. Yes, this is a red district which means fun at night. There are so many colorful bright bars to see. Don't worry, you're safe when you're staying at Royal Bellagio Hotel.

Nearby landmarks: Century Mall, Z Hostel, Greenbelt and MRT Buendia.

Please see Royal Bellagio Hotel Makati details below:
Address: 5010 P. Burgos Street, Poblacion, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
Unofficial Facebook Fan Page: 
Phone: (02) 899 5555

This is a sponsored hotel stay. As always, opinions are all mine.

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    Fun to see you take a "Walk on the Wild Side ! I see that on the second picture, the colour of your dress is almost a perfect match with the colour of that gorgeous blue convertible. Was that just a happy coincidence, or was that really good planning ?