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Your Travel Selfie & Wefie Taken from Asus Zenfone Series Can Make Everyone Smile

If you haven't taken any selfie and wefie in your whole life, I bet you're living under the rocks. It's a craze that everyone seems to enjoy especially the millenials. We are not talking about a handful but heaps and heaps of these posted online. While everyone does it for fun only, how about we turn these acts of kindness? For Asus Zenfone series users, please check this out below:

The Selfie and Wefie that Makes Everyone Smile
ASUS Philippines, in partnership with the Operation Smile Foundation, 
aims to changes lives through its #4theSmile campaign

In partnership with Operation Smile Philippines, an organization that aims to aid children with cleft lips and palates, the #4theSmile Campaign was born. As a movement that celebrates the spirit of ASUS’ FROM ‘ME’ TO ‘WE’ philosophy, every selfie and wefie taken by any phone from the ZenFone 4 family and posted on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag, “#4theSmile” is a donation to support a medical mission of Operation Smile Philippines in bringing back children’s smiles. We at ASUS hope you can join us in this wonderful cause as we not only prove that selfies and wefies can be used for more good but also create significant changes in a child’s life.

There’s no argument that the Philippines is widely-considered as one of the happiest places in the world. And we’re not only talking about the breath-taking tourist spots or the multicultural experiences that this wonderful country has to offer. It’s also because of the signature Filipino hospitality — that renowned enthusiasm and excitement whenever we meet new people, coupled with warm welcomes and wide smiles that we wear on our faces, regardless of what’s happening in our lives.

This is why when the act of taking selfies took the entire world by storm, it especially became such a hit among Filipinos from all walks of life. Whoever we are and where ever we may be, a memorable experience would never be complete without it immortalized with a selfie or, now, a wefie – that captures everyone’s shared experience in one frame. It’s how we identify ourselves and is the best way to capture our world-renowned smiles.

Transforming lives, one smile at a time
But admittedly, some people need a little help in sharing those beautiful smiles with the world. The non-profit medical service organization of Operation Smile Philippines (OSP) says it is estimated that in every 3 minutes, a child is born with a cleft – a split or opening in the roof of the mouth which affects their speech, hearing, and other day-to-day functions.

Since 1982, Operation Smile Philippines started working their magic in the Philippines through various medical missions and programs for children with this condition, beginning with gathering donations and volunteers and in the process, creating significant changes in these kids’ lives. Its medical volunteers have shared how participating in this cause has made quite an impact in their own lives as well. The foundation has officially been around for 35 years as a non-stock, non-profit later, since its registry in 1988.

The Face of a Thousand Smiles
Last August, ASUS Philippines recently announced its partnership with Operation Smile Philippines at the much-anticipated launch of the ZenFone 4 Series in the local market. In line with its hero tagline, "We Love Selfie & Wefie," , ASUS Philippines’ 10th year anniversary, and together with 35 years of the Operation Smile Philippines, the global tech giant introduced #4theSmile campaign. The said campaign wishes to bring smiles to the 4,500 Filipino children who are born with cleft lips and palates each year, by inviting everyone to contribute and help create smiles.

By joining #4theSmile, each participant will help push further the advocacy that Operation Smile Philippines has been supporting across different countries in the world. With each selfie and wefie taken by any of the ZenFone 4 series that is posted on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #4theSmile, ASUS Philippines will donate and P1.00 to support a medical mission. ASUS Philippines aims to get roughly around the magnanimous number of 1,300,000 selfies and wefies combined before the year ends.

“There is a relationship that exists even between strangers. ASUS Philippines is here to prove just that by turning selfies and wefies into shared moments that go beyond the people within the frame and actually touch other people’s lives for the better,” shares ASUS Philippines Country Manager, George Su, as he echoes their newest campaign philosophy – From ME to WE. “Through this new partnership, we want our selfie-loving audience to take their selfies and wefies to another level by sharing their smiles to brighten the lives of thousands of children with cleft lips and palates, and help bring these children’s smiles to the world.”

I have started posting my own share of selfies on my Instagram too. I hope you do the same.  If you are looking for a new mobile phone, check out my review of Asus Zenfone 4 Max here

For more information on the Zenfone 4 series and the #4TheSmile campaign, visit the official website, and follow ASUS Philippines’ Official Facebook Page and ASUS ZenTalk Forum. The ZenFone 4 Selfie is available on 0% interest for credit card transactions! Click here to see the where to buy list!

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