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Sharing You My Power-Dressing Looks From Doing Ukay-ukay, Mix and Match and Wearing Same Dresses Over and Over Again

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Growing up, I used to be called 'manang' (ugly, old-looking lady)  or 'baduy' ( one who has bad taste in fashion) just because dressing up is not my thing. While girls like buying new dress and succumbing to what's the trendy stuff in fashion and beauty, I never gave a damn.  I'm this girl who's perpetually fine wearing the same T-shirt, jeans and a pair of rubber shoes. I am fine putting on the same baby powder on my face every time I go out of the house. Depending on my mood, I hardly paint my lips to color red nor care to style my crowning glory. All these changed when I started blogging and got bitten by the travel bug. Suddenly this shy, provenciana girl has to dress up because she is meeting lots of persons from all walks up life, joining brand launchings and taking countless trips.  The words "fashion care" which do not even exist in my own vocabulary now ring  like a loud bell to me whenever I need to wear my blogger and traveler hat.

Fast forward to today, I cannot call myself a certified fashionista nor a fashion icon yet but I have morphed to a person who has confidence to face the world anytime I need to. This newfound confidence I share to every person I meet and the personality I have become through power dressing is not about wearing designer clothes. It's not about looking glitz and luxurious just because one is wearing all the latest bling - blings in the market. I mean, I am not saying don't buy expensive stuff but you know if you are like me who are practical, I always choose to settle for the more affordable unless I am using it in my career and not just for going out.

Most of the time I visit the nearby ukay - ukay stores to find pre-loved items, I always do mix - and match and I never feel less when I wear the same over and over again. What's important to me is that I feel great and that the clothes I wear give me comfort that I need to be productive anytime of the day.

I am currently on vacation for a month here in the province so all my nice dresses are in Manila. I went home travelling light so I can only show you some of my power-dressing looks:


First pic: swimsuit costs only Php 150 in Divisoria but it's so comfy and isn't itchy in my skin so I bought it. Second pic: I made us of my brother's cap who don't need it anymore, shirt bought in a local market here for Php 150 including  belt and boots is from ukay-ukay for Php 250. Third picture: white dress is from our clothes archive. Even mom don't remember who owns it so since it is in our house and my sisters don't want it anymore so I called it my own. Stilletoes are my old belongings when I used to work in the corporate world 3 years ago.

I super love doing mix and match, I can tell a novel about it. Wish I have all the photos to show but this one is all I have now. My white sleeveless shirt is obviously a favorite because I can pair it to any color like these red and bluish skirts.

Of course, all these power-dressing looks are nothing without having a tool that takes care of our clothes. Because of my busy schedule, I hardly have time to wash my own clothings nor go to laundry shops anymore. The perfect buddy for me is having a washing machine that gets all things done seamlessly like Electrolux. 

Here are the reasons:
  • It's the leading brand that's known to retain the softness, shape and color of our clothes because of its UltraMix™ technology. 
  • It has Electrolux Vapour Refresh program to make your clothes wrinkle-free. It refreshes your clothes, leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new.It has Electrolux Load Sensor™ that automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time, water and detergent while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency
  • It is equipped with Electrolux EcoInverter which reduces energy consumption by 75% 
  • It comes with Electrolux Vapour Care that reduces allergens by up to 99.9% even at 40°C while taking care of your family’s well-being.
  • Every Electrolux washing machine is a lifetime investment. It has the Woolmark Apparel Care that's a trademark for the gentlest treatment and care like hand-washing can do.

My power-dressing tips
  • Always consider your skin tone when buying your dress or accessory. You don't want to wear a bright orange when you are dark skinned right?  
  • Just because everyone wears tassel earrings, you should too! Always wear your best fashion statement that never goes out of fashion.  Don't be afraid to show some skin in some days or cover up in some occassions. Dress appropriately. 
  • Buy branded shirts if you must but always make sure to check out your cabinet archive. That skirt you haven't worn in decades or that pants from your mom's yesteryears can be a perfect fit.  
  •  It is completely alright to use your clothes as often as you want.  Power-dressing is not about how many clothes you have but how you wear it nicely every day.                     

There you go, I do hope to continue looking good and inspiring others to do the same. At the same time I make sure, that the inside of me looks good by having a heart that helps others. For more information about the official Facebook fan page Electrolux and its household products, please click here

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