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My CabinZero Bag Blog Review

cabinzero bag blog review

Now that I am travelling often, finding a good backpack is a big deal. I mean, who would want to carry bulky stuff in a cheap bag while travelling? Back then, it was a constant struggle of having an aching back and shoulders, disorganized belongings and more. Good thing, a backpackbrand brand came along that saved me from so much inconvenience in terms of carrying my stuff. Few months ago, I was introduced to this very promising brand that is currently a favorite of my fellow travel bloggers - Cabin Zero bag. Mine was shipped all the way from Hong Kong and it was delivered personally by a DHL guy right in my doorstep. Guess what, it has become my favorite backpack bag that I know bring a CabinZero bag in all of my trips moving forward.

I've had enough of colored black for bags so this time I chose a bright color. If there's a need to look for it, it won't be a problem. Mysored Red design 44L automatically caught my attention while browsing the official website of CabinZero bags.  It says its color was inspired by the sights and sounds of the famous Devaraja Market in Mysore, India.  This country is actually next in my bucketlist after winning a complete biking tour package in Ladakh so my CabinZero bag is really close to my wanderlusting heart.

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To fellow travelers, here's a few reasons below why you should get a Cabin Zero bag for yourself: 

1. CabinZero bag  is airlines compliant to standard size and weight. 
Fits perfectly as a cabin baggage, I'm giving CabinZero a huge pat in the back for this. Hand luggage is usually 55 X 40 X 20 centimeter, keep that in mind. A CabinZero bears the same measurements including its weight which is 1300 grams at most. This is very ideal if not perfect for short trips which I do a lot. Actually, in my Thailand trip for 23 days I only brought this bag. I only brought the necessary clothing I need and prioritized the light ones.

2. CabinZero bag is designed to be the best backpack bag 
It features side compression straps, top and side handles, oversized padded straps with air mesh, a front zipped pocket with inside zipped and mesh pockets. You may not be concerned to these details when you buy a bag for travelling purposes but when you're out there travelling  you'll cerainly appreciate every comfort you have with this bag.

3. CabinZero bag is divinely light
I hate empty bags that are already stuffed inside. A CabinZero bag is so light and thin that you'll save a lot of space. When I received it from the DHL guy, it wasn't even in a box. It was folded inside a plastic container but when I opened it, there's no unnecessary crease or dent. It is made of certain fabric that's elastic and sturdy at the same time.

4. CabinZero bag has an inbuilt tracking feature
Okoban, is a free global registration and notification service for luggage and other property. Every legitimate CaginZero bag has the option to activate it via In case of loss, it can be tracked because of the bag's unique identification code.

5. CabinZero bag has 25 years of warranty
Yes, not one or two years but twenty five years. 

6. CabinZero bag fits all
I always pack the last minute when I am going to a trip. Before, I will have one big backpack bag and a smaller bag to handle those excess ones I can't fit in the first one. Now, with my CabinZero bag plus my enlightened mind of travelling light mantra, I never get wrong of bringing stuff like I will never return.    

Please don't ask me how many pieces I am able to put inside because it varies for my trips. It ranges from 30+ clothing including my undies, 1 pair of doll shoes and one big packing cube where I put my charger, powerbank, wires and batteries of my gadgets.

7. CabinZero bag is water resistant
When I say it's water resistant, please don't think that if you submerge this bag to down the water, your belongings aren't gonna get wet. A CabinZero bag is made of a polyester internal lining aside from the external lining of nylon. Think of a bag that's made of a tarpaulin like fabric. If ever some water splashed into the outside surface of your bag, it acts as a repellant. 

8. CabinZero bag's zipper uses a high quality zipper
It comes with a lockable zipper, this is a relief when it comes to security. I've had good backpacks but it is always the zipper that gets busted first. With CabinZero bag, it's not the case.

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One and only downside I didn't realize
It's colored bright red so every dirt is very visible. Once I had it as a check in baggage in my favorite airline, after it was tossed around, it looked like a barbecue with all those black lines. So my remedy is I just have it as a carry on. I just keep it at the compartment above my seat so no drama OR I plan to buy another CabinZero bag that is darker in color. I am very curious to have the Military CabinZero bag!

This is not to sugar coat but I personally admire the backpacks of CabinZero. It is an innovation of a chic style, comfort and convenience for travelers who endure so much inconvenience from using other low quality and cheap brands. 

CabinZero bags come in Classic (28L, 36L & 44L), Vintage (44L) and Military (44L).  I can only vouch for the classic which is the one I have right now. You can get it in different colors such as hot pink, absolute black, cabin white, galactic green, blue karma, cuban brown, galactic orange, navy et cetera. They ship anywhere in the world!

I can say CabinZero is one of the best backpack brands in the world today.  Get one now by clicking HERE.

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  1. Hi Maria

    Nice bag. According to the cabin zero website, weight of the classic is only 0.76kg, which is very light for the capacity and the functures. Military version is still only 0.95kg. Only the urban version, with a heavier 'tarpaulin' fabric and what appears to be an additional flap at the front, weighs as much as 1.3kg.

    According to the blog section of the website, seems to be popular with users from the Phillipines. Looks like there could be an opportunity to get yourself featured !