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Travel Bloggers Needed For Sponsored (and possibly Paid) Trip to China's Destination Campaigns


For travel bloggers, the kind of email that would give them a big smile is an invitation for a press trip. That means free travel of course! Speaking of, just a few days ago I got a message from Vivian Shu, cofounder of Juicetrip. She is behind the leading guided tours for international audience in China and been in this industry since 1999. The rest of her team are currently the organizers and partners of China's tourism promotion boards.

To join please click  HERE the official registration link  

According to her, other brands that are also affiliates of this blogger trip to China are Ctrip, Guru on-line and two top virtual reality companies Just be Here and Quanjingke. This is only an initial invitation to pool each and everyone's stat. Every blogger is encouraged to enter their information then they will do the screening. Once you are chosen, that's the time they will send the official invitation to China!

Submission of details is via Google Docs and you'll be glad to know that the last part is all about asking for your rate per social media post(s) and write up! Honestly, it is quite rare to hear of any tourism - organized travel blogger trips that pay as much as $1000 (or more depends on your audience reach). Usually it is only ex-deal.

Who wouldn't want a free trip and get paid at the same time? I have also exchanged a few emails with David Dou, also a cofounder of Juicetrip. He can't wait to get to know (and choose) the bloggers who are interested to join the trip.

To join please click  HERE the official registration link  

Last November 2016, 10 lucky travel bloggers from around the world were chosen to go to Beijing. Here are some of the blog links of last year's blogger participants. 

Goats On The Road 
Local Adventure
Two Monkeys Travel

Click HERE the video link for the official Beijing Tourism Blogger Campaign. Good luck to everyone joining! I collate travel blogger fam trips and free stays offered by brands and tourism offices, check this list I made myself here for more choices.

Disclaimer: All information I posted here are merely from online searches and fellow bloggers' recommendations. Please contact DIRECTLY these brands for more details. I am NOT responsible for any incorrect inputs and wrong interpretations that might result from your own actions. Feel FREE to point out any mistakes of information you read here, I will be glad to edit it for you.