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DIY Itinerary: Solo Travel to Jomalig for 3D2N

Summer mode is already on! I can feel the heat of the weather and the best place to beat this heat is at the beach. Jomalig Island in Quezon province is still just a dream in my list but I am so thankful for meeting fellow backpackers online who are kind enough to share their DIY travel guide for Jomalig. 

Last year, I featured a couple who went here as well so I was able to write about DIY Itinerary to Jomalig Island - A Backpacker's Guide. You can click HERE to read it. If you had enough of white sand beaches, Jomalig will surely captivate you with its golden fine sand!

I know not all who travels bring their partners, friends or family. I am a huge example of that. I have traveled around the Philippines and in Southeast Asia solo backpacking. For sometime, I thought of looking another post that would talk about a DIY itinerary for solo backpackers to Jomalig. Thanks to Jerome de Jesus whom I met through a Facebook travel group who was more than happy to share his itinerary and tips to Jomalig. Actually what I admire more from him is not just about how he came up with this very helpful guide of Jomalig but his courage to travel solo. I have met a lot of people who will die if you leave alone. 

How to get there 
Ride a Raymond bus from Legarda bound to Infanta, Quezon.
Drop off at Real, Quezon
From there ride a tricycle good for 6 to Ungos Port.
Ride a boat going to Jomalig Island.
Estimated Travel Hours
Legarda to Real = 4hrs
Ungos to Jomalig = 5hrs

Legarda to Real = P195 air-conditioned
Real to Ungos Port = P15/pax
Floater to boat = P10
Ungos to Jomalig = P400
Floater to beach = P10
Environmental Fee = P100
Tourism Fee = P50
Entrance Fee = P20

Bus schedule from Legarda to Infanta earliest is at 1am Non-Aircondition bus.
Next trip is at 2am Air-conditioned bus.
First trip of boat to Jomalig is around 7am. The boat will depart as soon as it is full.
Next trip is 8am. It also depends on the passenger, it may depart until 10am.
You can opt not to ride a tricycle from Real to Ungos Port. It is about 300m from bus drop off.
Morning is usually high tide there so a floater is needed for you to get on the boat.
Upon arrival, you'll need to pay the collector there the environmental fee, tourism fee, and entrance fee.
First stop is at Salibungot beach. Second stop is at Moros Beach.

I recommend Apple Beach Resort. 
Drop off at Moros Beach.
Resort crew will pick you up and will take you the resort.
They offer mini huts or tents.
Contact Person: Ate Ning
Contact Numbers

Tour Package
Inland tour on the following destinations
Golden Sand
Hidden Paradise
Little Boracay
Canaway beach/Turtle Rock Formation
White Sand Bar
Salibungot Beach/I love Jomalig site

Lots of photo ops
Go fishing with locals and pick Pakurite on the mangrove area. Pakurite is like an edible snail on a coneshell.
No snorkeling/dive area around the island.

Hidden Paradise = P50
Canaway = P10
Tour Package = P2800


Tour Package is for 3D/2N stay at mini hut.
Tour Package fee includes the boat fare.
Tour is backride on single motorbike.
It is advised to wear leg protection as the grass will graze your legs as you drive along the destinations.
Be careful when climbing the rocks on hidden paradise as there are snakes between them. Yes, snakes, we saw two!
Tent pitching is also allowed.
You may contact them for a package fit for you, whether it's overnight stay or pitch a tent.
Bonfire is allowed on the beachfront.
Videoke is available so you can sing all night!

The package already includes the food: 2 dinner, 1 packed lunch during the tour, and 2 breakfast with coffee.
Water is available for drinking.
They have mini store that sell liquors or you can bring your own.
Jomalig's version of Lambanog is available on the store.
Fresh coconut is available at Little Boracay for P20.

Getting back to Manila
Took a private car that offers a ride back to Manila for P200.

Suggestions & Reminders

Lunch is included on boat to and from Jomalig. They serve small piece of meat and lots of rice. You can bring your extra food that meets your diet.
Bring your own water on the boat.
Bring your own water while on tour.
Bring handy lamps just in case.
Bring powerbanks for your electronic gadgets.
Electric power there is from 6pm until around 4am
Bring inflatable pillows and blankets. It's useful on your trip.
Don't forget to apply sunscreen every now and then.
Stargazing on the beach is really nice!

Estimated budget = P3, 460 

Note: This is a crowdsourced travel itinerary for Jomalig. Credits to Jerome for the tips and the photos.

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