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An Outdoor Summer Barbecue Feast With Bull Grills at Tagaytay Highlands

An idea of a fun and sumptous outdoor barbecue feast made me decide to join fellow bloggers on a trip to Tagaytay Highlands. The scorching heat of the sun at home seems unbearable so I did the best decision for that day. In fact, I was the earliest bird to come to the meeting place which is at the Petro gas station where 7/11 is located. Call time is 9am but we left an hour or two later because of other buddies who either came late or never made it at all. Anyway, it was fun riding the van that picked us up because I knew most of the bloggers who are invited as well. I have heard that Tagaytay Highlands, a top notch summer destination and a private residency is an invite - only and that if you don't know any members to vouch you, you cannot enter here so I cannot think of any other opportunity to see this place.

We arrived around noon and just in time for the barbecue feast on lunch break. Our food is cooked right during the event by famous Chef Jessie who previously served the Pope when he visited Manila. I really liked the idea that all those meats, seafood, fruits and veggies we are about to devour are all prepared while we watch. This means we are eating fresh meals and because it is cooked by a chef, not just an ordinary person we know it is gonna taste the best!

We were like a hundred or so if I'm not mistaken but I was amazed how Chef Jessie and her helpers were able to finish just in time for us to take our lunch. She used Bull Grills, a state-of-the-art grilling machine from the US that is revolutionizing how we grill our food. Wilcon Depot, the country's leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, recently held the Bull Outdoor Summer BBQ Feast in Tagaytay Highlands, Cavite, last April 1, 2017. 
“Bull Outdoor Grill products are very easy to use. I brought all the meat and seafood here raw, and with Bull, I was able to cook them on-the-spot. It's very efficient.” said Chef Jessie. 

Nana Ozaeta, Chef Jessie Sincioco, Rosemarie Ong, Wilcon SEVP-COO; Barbara Nureddine, and Mark Nureddine, Bull Outdoor Products Founder and CEO

Ms. Rosemarie Ong welcomed the guests together with Wilcon Chief Product Officer Careen Belo, and representatives from Bull who flew all the way from the USA: Mark Nureddine, Bull Outdoor Products Founder and CEO; Frank Mello, Bull Outdoor Products VP of Sales and Marketing; Barbara Nureddine; Jacob Nureddine; and Victor Wong.

“Our partnership with Bull has been productive throughout. I believe that they can make a difference in the way grilled food is being served in the country,” said Ms. Rosemarie Ong, Wilcon Depot Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

You can buy any of Bull Outdoor Products at Wilcon Depot. Proudly made in the USA, Bull has been creating top of the line products for over 20 years now. Their superior grilling merchandise are known to last longer and are built with high-grade stainless steel that protects their products from discoloration and rusting.

Gosh, I ate so much of what my stomach can hold. I mean who would want to feast on grilled food such as clamshells, pork, potatoes, fish, even crocodile? If you are someone who is seriously into cooking, I definitely recommend buying one of Bull grills. We were told that it doesn't rust even if you leave it under the pouring rain!     

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