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DIY Itinerary & Travel Guide to Virgin Beach, San Juan, Batangas

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"Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan Batangas is a serene crystal - clear beach spot with a powdery white sand that stretches to up to more than one kilometer which can be compared quite to Boracay. You don't need to take a flight or sleep overnight on a bus to get here - this beach in Batangas is only 4-5 hours away from Manila."

Because of the overwhelming interest I have received from the DIY travel guide to Manuel Uy Beach Resort in Calatagan, I was so inspired to feature another instagrammable summer destination to escape the heat in the metro, the Virgin Beach in Laiya. It seems that Batangas is really one of the most sought beaches of metro Manila dwellers!

Here's a short guide to Virgin Beach courtesy of Ysa Rodriguez Causapin who just recently went there.

Virgin Beach is FREE entrance and owned by Henry Sy, a Chinese-Filipino billioinaire businessman who owns BDO and SM malls.  This beach may not have pure, white sand like that of Boracay but its beauty is unique. It is known for its rawness and natural charm. It is certified off-the-beaten path so far that rarely, no huge crowd can destroy your much needed relaxation while you're there swimming your heart out. The best thing is that it is only 2 - 3 hours away from the city!

Ysa only spent Php 850 all in all for her day tour to Virgin Beach, San Juan. If you're a local of Batangas, it could cost you less which is about Php 500 for this unspoiled beach getaway!

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Layag layag beach got it sname because of a rock formation in front that looks like a "layag" or sail in Filipino.

Location: Layag- Layag Beach 
Barangay Papaya Nasugbu Batangas

It is near the main gate of Hamilo Coast & Kaybiang Tunnel (which you can include as side trip ) that's only 1 hour to Fortune Island

This island has a resemblance to many beaches of Zambales  
Mobile signal is very strong. You have nothing to worry if you want to upload every single moment you have in this beach. Ysa says if you need serenity, isolation or be one with nature, Virgin Beach in Batangas is definitely for you. 

virgin beach batangas
The beach

What to do 

Swimming,  beach bumming,  snorkeling, cliff diving, island hopping,  "13 COVES "photo ops, camping, hiking,  star gazing, nature tripping, bonfire,  soul searching, rock balancing, fish feeding and diving with giant clams.

Watersports activities available daily (6 am - 6 pm
• Jet ski
• Speed boat (Venom)
• Speed boat ( Raptor)
• Fly board
• Band wagon
• Twin Banana Boat 
• Single Banana Boat
• Disco boat
• Volleyball

• Snorkeling

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Camping - Bring your own tent

Ysa's tip: Swim at the right side of the cove near Croc island. Left side is rocky and not advisable for swiming. 

Note: This is a crowdsourced guide to Virgin Beach, Laiya, Batangas. Credit to Ysa Rodriguez Causapin for the tips, photos and and information.

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