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Bloggers Needed For An All-expense Paid Trip to An Aviation School In Binalonan, Pangasinan

I once dreamt as a pilot and a cabin crew but circumstances never lead me to become any of these. That's why when I had a chance to know what it's like to choose this profession, I know I had to give it a go. Speaking of, I am helping an aviation school located in Binalonan, Pangasinan for a one whole day of fun learning about a student pilot's life.

Flight simulation (alsim demo), photo ops with some of their 18 trainer aircrafts + 2 commercial airplanes, see the facilities, meet pilots & get to know their programs for aspiring pilots are the activities. Shuttle, breakfast & lunch included. NO loot bag at the end, only a day of fulfilling your curiousity about flying planes.

Disclaimer: I'm not part of this school nor I am paid to do this so if expectations have not been met, let's take this as a learning opportunity. This is their first time and my first time to do this. Click here to know the trip's complete itinerary and to fill up your details.  

Date:  TO BE ANNOUNCED (Aug 23 cancelled because of bad weather)
Meetup place: Aviation school's hangar in Pasay city
Address: To be discussed to chosen bloggers
Number of bloggers needed: 10 - 12. 
Shutte capacity is 20 but I want everyone to feel comfortable. Will see how this is gonna work.

0600H - Depart from Pasay to Shell NLEX
0730H - Breakfast at NLEX
0830H - ETD NLEX to Binalonan
1000H - ETA Arrival Binalonan
1000H - Welcome Drinks and Introduction of the school's programs and facilities
1030H - Airfield Tour (Photo Op at aircrafts, facilities tour, Alsim Demo)
1200H - Lunch at Clubhouse
1300H - Interview with Capt. Ramon Guico, the school's  President and CEO)
1400H - ETD Binalonan to Pasay Hangar.
1700H - ETA Pasay

Chosen bloggers will be emailed. Name of the company is currently hidden and will be revealed soon. I encourage those who aren't demanding too much as this is a learning activity not one where to bring goodies back home. 

Please ENTER YOUR BLOG DETAILS at this google form HERE. I also have a list of Travel BLogger Opportunities, Paid Campaigns and Sponsorships HERE. You might be interested to any of these.


  1. This could be the opportunity I have been looking for my husband. His name is Jose de los Reyes and email is at

  2. i'd like to experience this tour. Karen Corpuz -