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Celebrating The Legend Villas' 25th Anniversary, A Proudly Filipino & God-Fearing Hotel in Mandaluyong

You guys know how much I love staycations, right? An impromptu invite to stay for a night at The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong came right in time when I needed one. I mean, how can I say no when it is just a "river away" and a 15-minute walk from my place? I live in BLISS, Guadalupe so I just need to cross the Pasig river then walk to reach the back of   Robinsons Pioneer, that's it! It was a bit rainy but I know it is going to be worth it. The standard check in time at The Legend Villas Hotel is 2pm but I went at around 5pm because I had to finish some online work.  

The Legend Villas Hotel Blog Review
This hotel is not the typical high rise type located in a city center which is for me gives that homey vibe. While other accommodations are scrambling for wider space, the Legend Villas is not. You can walk your heart away and still feels like you are in a compound of houses put together as villas. With a Filipino theme, I super love the idea of how this brand is staying true to our local roots. To tell you the truth, someday if I am to build my dream house - I want everything Filipinoish: window made of Capiz shells, furniture & door made of wood and thatched roof. Though I understand The Legend Villas is at the end of the day a business in a city so the roof is made of stronger material.

I first went to the reception to check in. I was asked politely for any government ID. They are very strict about identity so please make sure if you are a guest, here don't forget to bring one. I was lead by one of the staff to the room which I shared with a fellow blogger. It is a Deluxe Room type though since it is already 5pm and the weather isn't bright enough, we were not able to take bright, clear photos.

Our bed is really wide like I can do a few cartwheels. It came with two beds, bedside control panel, telephone, cable TV, refrigerator, toilet, STEADY WIFI connection, buffet breakfast and it is of course fully air-conditioned. I am giving this room a thousand points addition for having a long wooden office desk. It means I can go ahead and do my online work! 

I'd love to stay over the night but I knew there's a party that's gonna happen by 8pm so I met up with my fellow travel bloggers who are also joining the staycation slash anniversary celebration.  I went to Lola Maria, the hotel's resident restaurant. After an hour of chatting and eating a kutsinta, a local white rice cake we headed to the ballroom. 

The Silver Anniversary of The Legend Villas Hotel
I have been to a lot of companies celebrating milestones.  This one, I have to admit was very simple but meaningful. There was only a short program recognizing some of the longest corporate clients of this hotel that include Nestle, Wyeth, Globe Telecoms, Uni Lab et cetera. A raffle of 3 iPads to guests and a short video was also showed to us interviewing some of The Legend Villas' guests who have been with them from the start.

What I can't forget at this celebration is the message of Wyden King, the owner of The Legend Villas Hotel. He personally talked to us how the story behind the making of this hotel. He is no other than a scion of this known family who founded currently the most famous motel in the country. He was the founder of the now defunct Anito Inn which is a notorious place to get a room for unwed couples. However a spiritual transformation happened, he said God told him to close this kind of business because this is not aligned to his teachings.

He now operates a chain of wholesome hotels catering to not just couples but more of families and friends. He said it is not easy to lead a life of good deed because it comes with some prices like paying the right amount of taxes et cetera. Everywhere, The Legend Villas is a mirror of having God-centered life. There's a prayer request box at the reception area and there were gospel songs sang by the singers during the event. Most important is that he makes sure that prayers are parts of the hotel worker's schedule for them to experience God.

Credits to The Legend Villas FB fan page

The last part of the celebration is the videoke singing where everyone present that night seems gifted with a gold voice. Love it so much! 

Credits to The Legend Villas FB fan page

Aside from The Legend Villa, Mr. King also operates Kabayan Hotel, Mabuhay Menor and The Legend Palawan. Speaking of the latter, all guests from the hotel's client partners were treated for a FREE 3d2n hotel stay in Puerto Princesa, Palawan including a Pandan island tour.

I strongly recommend to check the official photos of The Legend Villas via their website since it was raining and our stay was brief. We didn't had enough time to roam around and take photos. Please check below the following information about the hotel: 

Facebook Fan Page:
Address:  60 Pioneer cor. Madison Streets, Mandaluyong, Philippines 1550
Contact number: 7022700 to 04

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