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DIY Itinerary + Travel Guide to Bicol: Legazpi, Naga and Caramoan

Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

sumlang lake albay

The province of Bicol is no doubt an up and coming destination.  Sure, it is not as famous as Ilocos, Cebu, Palawan, Sagada or Boracay but I believe years from now this hidden paradise will soon be a favorite destination in the country and the world. I am a true blue Bicolana by blood and  heart.  While I have been around to half of the Philippine provinces, Bicol is the one whom I haven't explored.  

I cannot wait though because this September, I am gonna go home with the siblings to celebrate the town fiesta. Crossing my fingers, I am gonna be going around Bicol and especially the elusive beaches of Sorsogon! I may not have a travel guide for Bicol in my hand but happy to have met online, Armand Arvie Tiongco Ruiz through a Facebook local travel group. He is a fellow backpacker who just visited Legazpi, Naga and Caramoan last July.

Please see below a DIY itinerary and travel guide to the province of Bicol.


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What to see, things to do in Legazpi, Albay
SUMLANG LAKE. You can take a picture of the mighty Mount Mayon everywhere but in this spot, having yours is almost Instagram perfect! Think of sitting on a furniture made of abaca inside a floating bamboo raft amid a clear body of water with the almost perfect cone shaped Mayon! You can also opt for aquabike, do kayaking and rent a floating cottage.  Nearby attractions that can be visited too are Quitinday Green Hills and Jovellar Underground River + Cave. 

sumlang lake in legazpi albay

CAGSAWA RUINS. In 1814, Mount Mayon erupted so bad that 2, 000 people were killed. Most of the locals sought refuge to the church because it was sturdier than their wooden houses but this calamity was so strong that it ate almost all excluding the belfry. Thus, this is the only left which is buried in the ground. 

cagsawa ruins in albay

LIGNON HILL NATURE PARK. A panoramic view of 360 degree of Legazpi City, Daraga, Albay Gulf and of course Mount Mayon awaits anyone who has the patience to hike up the Lignon (Linyon) hill. Most recommended times to get there is early morning before sunrise and evening to see the city lights.


Aside from the view, this hill has a 320-meter zipline. Other activities to do are biking, rappeling, paintball and more. You also get a dose of World War 2 history because of the Japanese tunnel. 

This is for those who really want an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Bicol. ATV ride is one of, if not the most popular outdoor activity in Albay. There are a lot of local tour agencies in Legazpi offering this kind of activity. The most popular trail is the Black Lava, where massive lava flow happened in 2006 eruption. It's a trail to Pawa where you can see the Black Lava Wall is composed of: the river, the residential, the sand and gravel site, the coconut plantation and the agoho tree area.

Sitting on top of Taysan Hill, The Oriental Legazpi is an accommodation in in Albay where you get an unobstructed view of the Mount Mayon. Note that this is not a  budget type hotel in Albay but you get what you pay for. It won't be chosen as the Official Residence of the 26th Joint Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and the UNWTO Commission for South Asia for nothing :)




Tourist spots in the province of Naga
Wakeboarding in Camsur Watersports Complex
CWC is a world-class watersports complex consisting 6-point cable ski system. It is flocked by locals and people from around the world. Activities you can do: wakeboarding, kneeboarding, waterskiing 7 wakeskating  

camarines sur watersports complex

Sili Ice Cream in SM Naga
Don't worry, it is going to be spicy. It's an ice cream with a twist!

Islands to visit in Caramoan
No doubt, it is the island hopping in Caramoan is the prime adventure. These are the Lahos Island, Matukad Island, Kagbalinad Island and Cave and Minalahos Island. 

DIY itinerary caramoan island hopping

Suggested 4D3N DIY Itinerary

Day 1  
9PM - 6AM  Bus travel from Cubao to Naga
6AM - 815AM  Van travel from Naga to Sumlang Lake
815AM - 930AM  PhotoOp at Sumlang Lake
930AM - 935AM  Jeep travel from Sumlang lake to Cagsawa Ruins
935AM - 1045AM   PhotoOp at Cagsawa Ruins
1045AM - 1115AM   Tricycle travel from Cagsawa Ruins to Ligñon hill
1115AM - 1245PM   Ligñon hill (Zipbike experience)
1245PM - 1PM   Free Service Travel From Ligñon hill to Bicolandia ATV
1PM - 315PM   Bicolandia ATV Experience (Black Lava ATV and Helipad)
315PM - 345PM   Free Service Travel From Bicolandia ATV to Oriental Legazpi Hotel
345PM   Oriental Legazpi Hotel Checkin
345PM onwards   Leisure time

Day 2 
6AM to 7AM - Buffet Breakfast
7AM to 11AM - Leisure time
11AM - Checkout
11AM to 1130AM - Free service from Oriental Legazpi Hotel to Legazpi Van Terminal
1130AM to 12NN - Waiting time
12NN to 330PM - Van travel from Legazpi to Naga
330PM to 430PM - Merienda
430PM - Hotel Checkin at Matt's Tourist Inn
430PM to 445PM - Taxi from SM Naga to CWC
445PM to 7PM - Wakeboarding at CWC
7PM to 730Pm - Free service from CWC to Naga
730PM - Dinner

Day 3
5AM - wakeup
530AM - Checkout
530AM to 545AM - Tricycle ride from hotel to Central Terminal
615 AM - Bus Departure
615 AM to 1015AM - Bus ride from Naga to Paniman, Caramoan
1015 AM to 1045AM - Habal habal ride from Paniman waiting shed to Daniel's Place 
1045AM to 1145AM - Preparation
1145AM to 430PM - Island hopping (Lahos, Matukad, Kagbalinad island and cave, Minalahos)
430PM - Leisure time

Day 4 
430AM - Wakeup time
500AM - Checkout
5AM to 530AM - Tricycle from Daniel's Place to Central Terminal
530AM - breakfast
6AM - Bus Ride from Caramoan Bus Terminal to CWC
1020AM - CWC
7PM - ETD in CWC
9PM - ETD in Naga

Expenses per Day

Day 1 
Naga Bus Terminal to Van Terminal via tricycle - Php 20
Naga to Legazpi via van - Php 180
Sumlang Lake entrance fee - Php 20
Sumlang Lake boat fee - Php 45
Jeep - Php 7
Fruit shake - Php 60
Lunch - Php 95
2 magnets - Php 150
Tricycle - Php 50
Black Lava ATV ride - Php 1, 350
Habal - Php 20
Lignon Hill  zipbike - Php 450
Tour guide tip: Php 75
Taxi to Bob Marlin restaurant - Php 75
Bob Marlin dinner - Php 250
Total: Php 2, 847  

Day 2  
Van from Legazpi to Naga -  Php 180  
Lunch/Dinner - Donut - Php 164 
Hotel Checkin fee - Php 315
Taxi from SM Naga to CWC - Php 150
 One hour wakeboarding - Php 150
Dinner - Php 700  
Total: Php 1,659  

Day 3  
Breakfast - Php 120 
Bus from Naga to Caramoan - Php 220   
Tricycle from Paniman to Daniel's - Php 10
Island hopping per head - Php 750   
Dinner - Php 98 + 30
Tricycle from Daniel's Place to Central Terminal - Php 75
Breakfast - Php 45   
Total:  Php 1, 348
Day 4
Tricycle from Daniel's Place to Central Terminal - Php 75
Breakfast - Php 45   
Bus ride from Caramoan to CWC - Php 200
Lunch - Php 95 + 42  
Habal habal - Php 20
Wakeboarding - Php 165 + 165 + 215   
Water - Php 30  
Merienda - Php 220
Dinner - Php 99 + 89  
Pasalubong - Php 100
Taxi - Php 15 + 80  
Total: Php 1, 560

Breakdown of expenses - Per Head
Transportation  - Php 3630 
Bus Isarog Cubao to Naga to Cubao - Php 1074, 1179
Bicol Transpo - Php 1377
Accommodation:  Php 4147 
Oriental Legazpi - Php 2800 + 295  via 
Matt's Tourist Inn - Php 355
Daniel's Place - Php 697
Food/Pasalubong - Php 2432 
Food - Php 2182 
Pasalubong - Php 250
Attractions - Php 3385 
Sumlang Lake - Php 65
Lignon Hill  Zipbike - Php 450
Black Lava ATV - Php 1350
ATV Tour guide tip: Php 75
Caramoan island hopping - Php  750
CWC - Wakeboarding (4 hours) - Php 695

Overall Total: Php 13, 594

More photos below:



diy guide travel mount mayon legazpi albay

DIY travel guide mount mayon ALBAY


how to go to cagsawa ruins albay

how to go to sumlang lake albay

sumlang lake albay travel guide

sumlang lake albay travel guide

All photos and tips are credited to Armand.You can follow me on Instagram here and him here. This is a crowdsourced DIY travel guide.  


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  1. Hi,do they have a bus or van night trip from caramoan to naga?Me and my friends are planning to go there this weekend.Thank you

  2. Hi Debbie, sorry we are not sure kung meron. I think it would be much better if you take a van during the day para safe po.