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2017 Kasanggayahan Festival List of Events and Schedules in Sorsogon City

Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, Philippines
Kasanggayahan festival 2017 official list of schedule sorsogon city

Sorsogon City's very own festivity called Kasanggayahan Festival is just around the corner! It is a yearly event that commemorates the separation of the province of Sorsogon from Albay. This year's theme is "Pagkasararo Asin Pagpapasalamat, Satuyang Padanayon" which is very timely as reflection to the current affairs and issues of our country is facing. It's quite a shame that though I lived in Sorsogon City for 2 years before moving to Legazpi City as a student, I never knew anything about the much deeper history of Kasanggayahan. I really couldn't recall where I was during the past Kasanggayahan Festival celebration in Sorsogon. 

At the time of this writing, I am finding ways to get in touch with LGU Sorsogon City to get any updates or official statement about Kasanggayan Sorsogon 2017. I hope I will get any positive reply from either LGU Tourism office of the city of Sorsogon or through Gov. Bobet Lee Rodrigueza. There are so little information written about it online when I googled that's why I decided to help them spread the word.  Honestly, from witnessing Kalibo Festival in Aklan then covering Guling Guling Festival in Ilocos and Kadayawan Festival in Davao, I now have developed inclination to every local festivals in the Philippines. I feel like I want to write every not so known celebrations in our country that also deserves spotlight compared to other famous Philippine festivals. 

Sorsogon celebrates its 123rd foundation this 2017  as a province through the Kasanggayahan Festival. It is a province-wide commemoration, with the center of activities in Sorsogon City. Kasanggayahan is an ancient Bicol word, the meaning of which can be assembled from this short rhyme: "When the fields are green and the grains are golden; when the machines work well and all business prosper; when the birds in the sky chirp freely and men on earth are peacefully happy; in Bicol, it is KASANGGAYAHAN, meaning, a life of prosperity."
The Kasanggayahan Festival, which is listed by the Department of Tourism as one of the yearly Philippine Festivals, is eminent with a series of cultural, historical, religious, agro-industrial and economic activities, showcasing Sorsogon as abundant agricultural products, particularly food and decorative items from the versatile Pili tree, which is indigenous to the Province.

Please see below the official list of day to day activities of Sorsogon's Kasanggayahan Festival 2017:

Pre - Kasanggayahan activities
October 12-13
Rediscovering History, Heritage & Identity in Sorsogon City at Bibincahan Gymn (12th - 13th) 

GinumanFest Music Festival with Aia de Leon, former vocalist of Imago now lead of SOAPDISH 5pm onwards at the Capitol Park, Sorsogon (12th only)

October 14-15, 2017
MOTORAD500 2017 6am at Rompeolas, Sorsogon
Obra Maestra al Kasanggayahan Mural Painting 8am onwards at Sorsogon National High School wall
Kasanggayahan Chess Tournament 9am at Old Municipal Building
Miss Gay Kasanggayahan 2017 7pm at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium
October 16
Linig Kasanggayahan at 530am - 8am at City Proper, Sorsogon


Note: The writer is not in anyway claiming as authorized source of Kasanggayahan Festival in Sorsogon City. She only wants to share this to reach more people via the leading search engine. For updates and corrections, please let me know. She is having A HARD TIME connecting with the right / authorized persons e.g. LGU Sorsogon City particularly the office of tourism whom she can get official updates. She is still waiting for a reply from a Facebook message she sent over to Gov. Bobet. If you know Gov Bobet  or anyone from LGU Sorsogon, please don't hesitate to share me the contact information.


Official schedule of Kasanggayahan Festival 2017 

October 17 (Day 1)
Opening of Trade Fair Exhibits, Tourism Gallery and LGU Booths 11am at Capitol Kiosk, Sorsogon
Pantomina sa Tinampo 230pm Main streets of Sorsogon city
Celebrity Basketball Game with Matt Evans, Jordan Herrera, Mark Herras, Marco Alcaraz & JC Tiuseco versus elected provincial, city and municipal officials
Ecumenical Praise and Worship 7am at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium
Concelebrated mass 9am  at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium
Opening Program 10am
October 18 (Day 2)
Farmer's Day at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium
ASEAN Day Puppet Show 130pm - 230pm at Aemilianum College, Incorporated Gymnasium in Piot, Sorsogon
Gawad Gobernador Para Sa Kapaligiran 1pm at Paradise Hotel and Resort
KFS Theater Production "Surumaton nan Tataramon" 6pm at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium 
October 19 (Day 3)
FESTIVAL OF FESTIVALS - Historico Cultural Parade 1pm at main streets of Sorsogon city
Miss Kasanggayahan Swimsuit Competition 7pm at Siama Hotel, Sorsogon
October 20 (Day 4)
Upbeat Sorsogon - Kasanggayahan Music Fest 7pm featuring Jade Hortman, The Voice Ph's Kokoi Baldo with Juan Gapang Band, DJ Macky Mouse, DJ Brian Alcantara and Mc Flored: The Versatile at SSC Grounds in Bulan
Lunad sa Balod National Surfing Competition 6am onwards at Buenavista, Gubat
October 21 (Day 5)
Commemoration of the 1st Mass in Luzon at Gibalon Shrine, Sitio Siuton, Magallanes 
Nyoy Volante Concert at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium
Provincial Band and Majorettes Competition with Military parade and Exhibition at Capitol Park, Sorsogon
First Automoto Show and Display 6am - 10pm Rompeolas, Sorsogon City
Lunad sa Balod National Surfing Competition 6am onwards at Buenavista, Gubat
October 22 (Day 6)
Sorsogon Idol Season 5  with celebrity model-dancer and It's Showtime "Gandang Lalake" winner Hashtag Nikko plus Sorsogonon Fatima Lagueras of The Voice Teens at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium 
National Motocross at Diversion Road, Sorsogon  
First Automoto Show and Display (continuation) 6am - 10pm Rompeolas, Sorsogon City
Lunad sa Balod National Surfing Competition 6am onwards at Buenavista, Gubat
October 23 (Day 7)
Electro Run II 6pm at main streets of Sorsogon city
1st Elecro Hiphop Inner - School Dance Competition 
October 24 (Day 8)
Kasanggayahan Festival Queen 2017 Coronation Night 7pm with celebrities Ruru Madrid of GMA Network's Encantadia, Miss Arizona and 2017 Miss America 1st Runner Up Maureen Montagne and Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner Maureen Wroblewitz  at Sorsogon Provincial Gymnasium 
October 25 (Day 9)
The 1st ever Unity Parade-Parada Kasanggayahan 3pm at main streets of Sorsogon city with celebrities actor-model Ken Chan,  Miss Arizona and 2017 Miss America 1st Runner Up Maureen Montagne and Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner Maureen Wroblewitz  
Concert at the Park with celebrity guests 630pm at Capitol Park, Sorsogon

October 17, 2017 is officially a special local non-working holiday throughout the province of Sorsogon in line with the celebration of Kasanggayahan Festival. Signed by the governor of Sorsogon pursuant to Section 1 RA 730.

Source: Gov. Bobet Lee Rodrigueza's Facebook post. You can click HERE to view it.