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History of Barangay Tinampo of Irosin, Sorsogon

This barrio was once upon a time, one of the six sitios of Monbon. The name "Tinampo" which means road come from when most people  from Calaay and  Cogon when they  weat to go to the road they will still say they will  go to Tinampo.  Resolution No. 56 created the barrio of Tinampo which was passed by the Municipal Council during its session held in April 16, 1962. 


This is a crowdsourced guide about Barangay Tinampo in Irosin, Sorsogon. The author is currently looking for locals who live here to help her contribute some information needed. Please see below how you can help:

1. A picture of welcome arc that says Barangay  Tinampo to be used as profile photo of this article
2. Things to see or any interesting information that can be added such as rivers, waterfalls or anything that can be promoted for tourism
3. Directions about how to go to Barangay Casini from the poblacion of Irosin either by tricycle or jeep, where is the terminal and how much is the fare.
4. When is the fiesta celebration and who is the patron saint

Rest assured your name will be credited and/or mentioned. Please email or send her a message via Facebook here.


The Punong Barangays who served this barangay are:

Platon Longasa
Artemio Girado
Benito Decin Jr.
Maria Reyes
Jose Gaufo
Gomer Erandio
Pedro Girado
Remegio Hay
Florante Cerquillo 1900-1904
Alejandro Gueva 1904-1912
Florante Bajaro 1912 to 1916
Antonio Balaguer 1916 to 1924
Gliteo Olip 1924 to 1927
Felix Gestre 1927 to 1930
Rufo Grajo 1930 to 1937
Camilo Eugenio 1937 to 1940
Pedro Guadines 1940 to 1944
Melquiades Tapalla 1944 to 1949
Justiano Bermeo 1949 to 1950
Florentino Gamba 1950 to 1954

Barangay Tinampo's own fiesta is held every July 4, the Patron Saint is Sto. NiƱo. The first fiesta was held on July 4, 1965. Tinampo has its own chapel built along the national road. According to the Nutrition Program Survey Report the barrio has 188 families in its five purok. As of February 28, 1973, the barrio has 167 registered members.

Note: Barangay Tinampo history's source is Municipal Library of Irosin. It was a compiled folder that tells history of each Barangay in Irosin. The author is currently outsourcing more information to make this travel guide to Barangay Tinampo be of help to students and others who are looking for information about this place. If you have more relevant information we may add here, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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