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History of Barangay Casini in Irosin, Sorsogon

barangay casini irosin sorsogon

In the older days, Casini was just a sitio surrounded by thick forests. Casini was then a sitio of the barrio of Buenavista. Three families dwelt near the river and earned their livelihood by bartering the thick leaves for chewing called "Casini" with food and other life necessities. There was a great demand for the leaves in the neighboring places and only the sitio of Casini could supply it. The sitio because very popular that he people called it Casini up to the present time.

The early settlers were not contented to live near the river for it often times overflows its banks. Tgese first settlers were Luis Gupalao, Mariano lero and Mergildo Gone. They moved to an elevated farther from there former abaca. As the year went by other families from distant places came to live with them.


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Sometimes in 1900 they organized themselves and selected their first"Teniente" or first Lieutenant was Lucio Briones. Following are the people who served inthe capacity in the barrio:

Lucio Briones 1900-1902
Alfonso Glipo 1902-1905
Maximo Arena 1905-1916
Ambrosio Esiller 1916-1920
Gregorio Genodia 1920-1925
Prudencio Garofil 1925-1932
Ciriaco Fortes 1932-1940
Basilio Glipo 1940-1948
Santiago Revilla 1948-1952 Rafael Esparago 1952-1954

The barrio of Casini has two sitios under its jurisdiction namely Tuba and Salvacion. Tuba is the farm place of the people of Casini. The sitio of Salvacion is fast developing with its houses improved and the construction of the chapel of their own. This sitio has its own officials like an independent barrio in any municipality.

During the Japanese occupation, th barrio of Casini was burned to the ground by the Japanese soldiers as a result to the encounter between the Filipino guerillas and the Japanese soldiers. Several Filipinos and Japanese died in the barrio as a result of fighting. However, after the war, the people began to reconstruct again their houses and returned to their old occupations.

Casini, the last barrio of the Municipality of Irosin on the way to Bulan is seven kilometers from the Poblacion. The people chief products are abaca, copra, bananas and other farm crops. According to the last census this barrio has 787 inhabitants including its sitios.

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