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Coron, Palawan: DIY Trip, Itinerary and Travel Guide for 5D4N

Coron, Philippines

diy guide to coron palawan

If there's one beach paradise in the Philippines, I will not get tired of coming back over and over again - it is Coron in Palawan. I went there for a press trip two years ago but did not have much time to blog about it. That's why I am so thankful for Donna Luague who agreed to share her DIY travel guide to Coron for 5 days and 4 nights. 

Palawan is a world famous Philippine destination I am so blessed to have explored from the mountain cliffs of El Nido to the rustic city of Puerto Princesa. This May, I will be going to San Vicente that holds the title of the Philippines' longest stretch of white sand beach. Anyway back to Donna's travel, this one is a basic guide for those who are travelling to Coron for the first time

Itinerary DIY Travel Guide for Coron, Palawan

 Day 0 Manila to Coron flight
4 pm - ETD Busuanga
5:20 pm - ETA Coron 
Check in at BalaiBinda for Php 1,500 per night then reserve tours via Coron Galeri.
8 pm - Dinner at Kawayanan Grill. Crocodile Sisig - Php 280 & Nido Soup - Php 500)

Day 1 Coron Island Tour 
6 am - Wake-up / wash-up
7 am - Breakfast
8:30 am  - Start of Island Tour c/o Coron Galeri  
• Siete Pecados
• Hidden Lagoon
• Barracuda Lake
• Twin Lagoon
• Isla Bulungan (lunch)
• Calachuchi Coral Eden
• Cayangan Lake

5:15 pm - Back to port then off to Maquinit Hotspring 
5:45 pm - Arrival at Maquinit Hotspring (Php 200/pax entrance; Php 300 RT tricycle/2pax)
6:45 pm - Left Maquinit Hotspring
1915 - Back to Balaibinda then wash up.
2100 - Dinner  at Carl’s BBQ 

Day 2
6 am - Wake-up / wash-up
7 am - Breakfast
9 am  - Start of Malcapuya Island Loop Tour c/o JY Travel & Tours  for Php 1,200 per head)
• Malcapuya Island
• Banana Island (Lunch)
• Bulog Island
5:30 pm - Back to port then wash up at Balai Binda
1930 - Dinner  at Lolo Nonoy’s 

Day 3
5 am - Wake-up then off to Mt. Tapyas View Deck
6:30 am - Back to Balaibinda then wash up
7:30 am - Breakfast
8:30 am - Start off at Island Reef & Wreck Tour c/o Dream Travel & Tours
• East Tangat Gunboat
• Lusong Coral Garden
• Lusong Gunboat
• Pass Island (Winner! We liked this island better than Malcapuya and Banana Island)
1730 - Back to port then wash up at BalaiBinda
1900 - Dinner (Big Mama’s)

Day 4 
3:30am - Wake up then wash up
5 am - Motorcycle to Calauit
8 am - Arrival at Calauit; breakfast @ our guide/driver's place
9 am - Boat travel to Calauit Island Safari
9:45 am - Arrival and start of Calauit Island Safari Tour
11 am - Boat back to Calauit
12 nn - Travel back to Coron (BalaiBinda; wash up)
2:45 am - Arrival at BalaiBinda; wash-up
3:00 pm - Travel to airport
5:20 pm - ETD Coron (flight delayed)

Coron Budget and Expenses Summary 
Calauit Safari: Php 3,650  for 2 pax 
Breakdown: Motorcycle ( Php 1,200 (overpriced to! Pero nagmamadali na kasi kami so kinuha na namin)
Guide/driver – Php 500 (di nagsabi ng price si kuya, we just opted to give him this amount)
Boat – Php 500 (guide's father, na hindi din nagsabi ng price, pero sabi ng nakausap namin ceiling price na daw ang 500 kaya ayun na binigay namin)
Calauit Safari Entrance – Php 200/pax
Calauit Safari Tora-Tora Ride – Php 1,000 (shared)
Giraffe Feeds – Php 25/pax
Set Meals – Php 130-190
* dinner lang halos gagastusin nyo since usually kasama sa hotel accommodation ang breakfast at ang lunch (semi-buffet) ay kasama sa tour packages.

We were supposed to go with a group via boat to Calauit safari pero nacancel dahil maalon (open sea route), then we opted for van pero nagkaproblema as well with JY tours. So nagrent kami motor and guide na taga Calauit mismo (recommended para mas mabilis byahe, like 1.5hrs since kabisado nya route - boat/van inaabot daw ng 4hrs or more)

For the budget, you can always get a cheaper lodging, food and guide (di kami mahilig magtipid/tumawad sa guide since gusto namin makatulong sa kabuhayan nila wherever we go)

Tips, Recommendations and Suggestions for Calauit Island Tour Hopping in Coron Palawan as per Donna

  • Kaya siya ng halfday kung Calauit lang pupuntahan. (1.5hrs motor basta maalam yung driver at hindi karag2 ang motor like what we experienced kaya muntik na kami maiwan ng flight)
  • Pwede namang hindi magTORA (small jeepney) since kaya naman lakarin yung area na may animals (rip off mag avail nito!). Di naman nililibot buong isla (katulad ng akala ko. Hehe)
  • Coron Galeri rarely offers tours for joiners pag off peak
  • I personally recommend Dream Travel & Tours for joiners (may tours sila na wala ang ibang agency like yung Pass Island)
  • Magpunta sa mga tour agency the night bago kayo mag tour to reserve and check kung ano ang package na pwede kayo magjoin. They usually close around 9pm.

Where to stay in Coron, Palawan - BalaiBinda
This isn't for backpackers for sure, but if you are looking for a boutique resort hotel in Coron this is the place to be. It has a total of 17 rooms sprawled over 3 floors.  Cheapest room rates start at Php 1200 (single) then for double is Php 1500 (on the Facebook fan page it says Php 1700). Their other rooms cost higher but offers much more convenience and bigger spaces.

Balaibinda - hotel in Coron Palawan

For more choices of where to stay in Coron, Palawan, please check here my blog post: WHERE TO STAY IN CORON: 4 HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS IN PALAWAN YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT

What to see, things to do and where to go in Coron Island   

The most famous tourist spots in Coron Palawan are Siete Pecados, Hidden Lagoon, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Isla Bulungan, Calachuchi Coral Eden and of course the world-known Cayangan Lake.

Siete Pecados is for those who love to snorkel. Its Spanish name were derived from the seven rock formations that dot the island. The water is colder all year-round but during summer, no one would mind it! Colorful fishes of different sizes and shapes will make sure you won't forget your trip here.                                                                                                      Siete Pecados Coron Palawan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Hidden Lagoon is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Coron you should never miss when you get here.They have added stairs so that it would be easier for to get inside though some find it as not adventurous anymore - less thrill even. The water looks like bottomless and dark. There's something quite magical about it. 

Hidden Lagoon Coron Palawan 
Barracuda Lake won't be included in Forbes Traveler Magazine’s top ten best scuba dive sites in the world for nothing. I guess, we need no more introductions if you're an avid diver.

Barracuda Lake Coron Palawan

Twin Lagoon is composed of obviously two swimming spots: first one where the boats dock, while the second lagoon is hidden. You need to swim through the small hole to get inside. There's a point where the salt water and fresh water meets there, that's the one that produces blurry water. Yes, it doesn't mean it is polluted.

Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan

Isla Bulungan is usually where lunch of Coron tour packages are done. Maybe because it looks so idyllic but there are more to do here like overnight camping, photo ops, kayaking into the mangroves, stand up paddelling and even culture immersions here. 

Isla Bulungan Coron Palawan

Calacuchi Coral Eden is another snorkeling site named after this flower that's abundant in the area.

Calachuchi Coral Garden Coron Palawan

Cayangan Lake is Asia's cleanest lake. The ultimate icon of Coron's photos all over the world and online is taken here at the viewing deck area.

Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan

Mount Tapyas View Deck is Coron's nearest tourist attraction located in the town center. Prepare though because it has 700 steps until you reach the hill that will give you an unobstructed view of Coron.

Mount Tapyas Coron Palawan

Calauit Safari Park is a huge zoo and live inhabitat for animals. The most photographed here are the giraffes and zebras freely living in the open space without any fence or walls.

Calauit Safari Park in Coron Palawan

More tourist spots in Coron, Palawan to expore

Ship wreck diving tours in Coron should definitely on your list whether you are a diver or not. Tamakase or East Tangat Gunboat is a 35-meter long Japanese ship that sunk in 1944.Lusong Coral Garden is located beside the Lusong Gunboat on a shallow water thus perfect for non-divers who want to see the beauty under water.   
Pass Island in Coron is a certified beach paradise. Picture a small island surrounded by white fan sand then turqouise water.

Where to eat and restaurants in Coron, Palawan
  • Kawayanan Grill in Coron is known for serving delicious seafood, grilled food (inihaw), nido bird's soup, crocodile sisig, grilled kibao and bicol express octopus.

Kawayanan Grill Coron Palawan
Photo credit: Kawayanan Grill Coron
Address: National Highway Pob. 5 Coron Palawan
Phone number: 0917 522 9042


  • Carl's BBQ is known for having the best pork sisig, baby back ribs and mixed berries shakes on Tripadvisor. You eat inside the small nipa huts to have a feel of local ambiance.

where to eat in coron palawan - Carl's BBQ
Source: Suerte Almarez Bueno
Address: San Agustin Street, Coron, Busuanga Island, Philippines
Phone number: not available online. please update us if you have the information
Website: none yet

  •  Lolo Nonoy's in Coron serves mostly Filipino cuisine. Lolo Nonoy's Food Station is known for pork steak, garlic/butter kangkong, chicken mami and pancit canton.                        
    Lolo Nonoy's Food Station Coron Palawan

Coron, Palawan 5316
Phone number: 0908 896 2006
Website: none yet

  • Big Mama's Hot Pot Grill Coron offers buttered prawns, grilled squid, stry fry vegetables, german cheese sausage, potato fries and more.

Address: Barangay Poblacion 4, National Highway, Coron, Busuanga
Phone number: 0908 636 5022

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