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Where to stay in Guimaras: 10 Beach Resorts and Beachfront Resorts to choose from

Guimaras, Philippines

Ready for your trip in Guimaras? Itinerary, check. Flight, check. How about a beach resort in Guimaras? Don't worry, we're going to help you find a place to stay in Guimaras. Here's a list of tourist inns, pension houses and guesthouses in Guimaras to choose from. This is a certified off-the-beaten path location in the Philippines so please do not expect a seven-star comfort where you stay. 

Guimaras is a famous destination in the Philippines located southeast of Panay and Northwest of Negros in the Visayas.  It's a favorite side trip to anyone doing a Bacolod, Iloilo trip because of its famous white sand beaches, offshore islets and right now it remains an off-the-beaten-path tourist spot in the Philippines. Of course, if you're looking for a Guimaras tour package alone or a guide for your Guimaras itinerary - you're in the right page!


Alobijod Cove Resort 

Alobijod Cove Resort Guimaras

Alobijod Cove Resort  in Guimaras is perfect for those on a budget. One day rent for a hut is Php 700  depending on the season that can accommodate 8-9 persons. They offer tours such as island hopping for Php 640 for first hour then Php 150 for the next hour. It's a beachfront resort. 

Address: Poblacion, Nueva Valencia 
Contact person: Michelle G. Marahay 
Contact numbers: 0918-5978174 || 0928-6254544

Andana Resort

Andana Resort Guimaras

Andana Resort in Guimaras is a high-end hotel in Guimaras. It offers a gorgeous blue and white theme plus an infinity pool.  It has a beach pod, poolside suite, seaview one bedroom suite and presidential suite.

Address: Poblacion, Nueva Valencia 
Contact number: Manila 0917-3263262 || Guimaras +33 582 1904

Camp Alfredo Adventure Resort

Camp Alfredo Adventure Resort in Guimaras offers a camping style type of accommodation but you never have to sleep in the tents. With 10 rooms to choose from, you and our family, friends and loved ones can experience a cabin log kind of vacation here.


Address: Ravina, Sibunag 
Contact person: Alfredo Javellosa  
Contact numbers: 0908-1232977

Cecel Beach Resort and Island Grill 

Cecel Beach Resort and Island Grill guimaras

Cecel Beach Resort and Island Grill in Guimaras is the less glamour look- alike of Andana Resort. Picture a swimming pool surrounded by half-open concrete cottages instead of buildings. 

Address: Avila, Buenavista 
Contact person: Antonio Grinen III 
Contact numbers: 033-501-4454 / 0915633335

Daliran Spring Nature Resort

Daliran Spring Nature Resort Guimaras

Daliran Spring Nature Resort in Guimaras isn't your ordinary beach resort in Guimaras. It's a place where there's a natural spring converted to a commercial resort complete with swimming pool and accomodation. Another must do when you stay here is visit the nearby Daliran Cave.

Address: Old Poblacio, Buenavista 
 Contact person: Annabelle Canindo 
Contact numbers: 0908-8695940

Guimaras Mountain Resort 

Guimaras Mountain Resort

Guimaras Mountain Resort may answer your question about what it feels like staying in a mountain. Styled in Balinese architecture, this family-owned luxury accommodation in Guimaras is composed of 1.4 hhectares of oasis landscape. 

 Address: Pina-Daragan, Buenavista 
Contact person: Crisostomo P. Kwe   
Contact numbers: 0995-5088869 / 0926-4296588

Kenyama Beach Resort 

Kenyama Beach Resort Guimaras

Kenyama Beach Resort in Guimaras offers Deluxe room (Php 1800), Family room (Php 4500), Presidential room (Php 3000)  and an extra foom costs only Php 200. Group rooms area available good for 4 persons (Php 1800), 9 persons (Php 2500) and 14 persons (Php 3800). For tight budget individuals, they offer fan rooms too.

Address: Sito Guisi, Dolores, Nueva Valencia   
Contact person: Donna Grace Yamagani 
Contact number: 0939-9175495

The Clara Beach House 

the clara beach house guimaras

The Clara Beach House in Guimaras is a beachfront accommodation that offers free wifi as well. This is currently the ONLY nearest resort to the ferry terminal in Guimaras. You only need to pay Php 150 per tricycle ride. The rest, it costs Php 500 one way for the same destination. 

Address:  Igcawayan, San Lorenzo

Contact person: Frank Colam

Contact number: 0916-3278565

Kelapa Gading Beach Resort Guimaras

Kenyama Beach Resort in Guimaras allows pets and offers daily housekeeping. They have car park for those who have wheels and barbeque facilities if you want to have some grilled stuff party. They also offer boat cruise, fishing, snorkeling, cave tour and a lot more.

Address:  East Valencia, Buenavista 
Contact person:  Azucena Remollata
Contact numbers: 0917-6245989 / 0917-9210277 / 0920-9486988

Jannah Glycel Beach House

Jannah Glycel Beach House in Guimaras is located in a private beach with beautifully manicured gardens. If you're allergic to furry pets or you're simply that kind of person who is afraid of dogs, this beach resort in Guimaras may not be for you. 

More choices of inns, hostels, homestays and guesthouses in Guimaras

Abelardo's Beach Resort
Address: East Valencia, Buenavista 
Contact person: Mary Aileen Javellana 
Contact numbers: 0975-644-3416 || 0917-3108997

La Cheska Garden Resort
Address: Barangay Tastasan, Buenavista
Contact person: Ms. Venus Escanan
Contact numbers: 0999-1888477 / 0909-5369000

Marceily Point Inland Resort
Address: Tamburong, San Lorenzo
Contact person: Emily Villareal
Contact numbers: 0999-4850551 / 0947-8957255

Nagarao Island Resort
Address: San Isidro, Sibunag
Contact person: Helen Stummer
Contact numbers: +33 3202186 / 0918-2740380  

Playa de Paraiso
Address: San Enrique, San Lorenzo
Contact person: na
Contact numbers: 0905-413-2493 / 0918-2740380

Rico Beach Resort
Address: Poblacion, Nueva Valencia
Contact person:  Glenda Estaya
Contact numbers: 0909-8957538 / 0926-0832730\

Tatlung Pulo Beach Resort
Address: Sinapsapan, Jordan  
Contact person: Mr. Arnold Gersabalino  
Contact numbers: 

The Seaside Beach Resort
Address:  Hoskyn, Jordan
Contact person:  Mary Gergen Dianala 
Contact numbers:0946-0205680

Vilches Beach Resort
Address:  San Enrique, San Lorenzo
Contact person: Domingo Vilches  
Contact numbers: 0915-6711276

Homestay in Guimaras
Address: Suclaran, San Lorenzo 
Contact person:  Carmensita Williams 
Contact numbers: 0927-8949395

Tourist Inns, Pension Houses in Guimaras

Miewa Pension House
Address: McLain, Buenavista 
Contact person: Lean Nakano  
Contact numbers: 033-5802190 / 0927-9962223

OLP Trappist Monastery Guesthouse
Address: San Miguel, Jordan 
Contact person: na
Contact numbers: 0918-4278252 / 0918-9146240 / 033-5813393 / 581-3385 

Raja Inn
Address:   Rizal, Jordan
Contact person: Sinbad Tngson  
Contact numbers: 0917-1190097 / 0921-2823546

Small Wings Pension House  
Contact person: San Miguel, Jordan  
Contact numbers: 0927-6107515

Star Gazer Inn
Address:  San Miguel, Jordan
Contact person:    Victoriano Gabasa Jr.
Contact numbers: 0909-6893181

Theotokos Apartelle
Address: New Poblacion, Buenavista 
Contact person: Ferdinand Basco
Contact numbers: 0917-631-9727 / 033-5807637

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