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How To Ship Items Internationally via Shiply

Looking to ship products internationally? Read on. 

When I started working right after finishing college, I have to move from my parent's house in the province to live in Manila where my office is located. By land travel, it will take 14 hours of bus ride and by flight, it is an hour to reach the capital city of the Philippines from our town. It was a sad moment not only because I will now be living independently but I am this sentimental girl who loves to get surrounded by my treasured things in our home like my old piano, my favorite wooden chair and my antique closets handed over by my grandma! That time, I had no choice but leave all these at home because of the outrageous fees, huge inconvenience of processing the request and no assurance of when will these things going to show up in my rented apartment here in Manila. When my favorite uncle migrated to USA, he has so much stuff to give away like his old furniture, bicycle and of course toys for us! Twenty years ago, the shipping charge to send products internationally to the Philippines costs gold so he would only send over a few things that are smaller in size. 

Fast forward to today, shipping items around the world is so easy that I wish I can turn back the time. Shiply, an online platform to move heavy & bulky items is all you need. Recommended by a trusted friend, I checked the website a few days ago because my uncle who is now a New Yorker by citizenship is our all year round Santa. He has finally said yes to send our family a late Christmas gift we all have been dreaming for: a 49" full HD Digital LED TV! I'd love to share to you what I learned about using Shiply below.

Shiply blog review

Shiply is the Airbnb of 102, 334 transport providers around the world. Since you got plenty of delivery service options, you're guaranteed that the prices are very competititive - meaning it is reasonably low. Not only that, you can get discounts up to 75% off whenever transport providers deliver items to places they frequently do business with.

What big items I can ship thru Shiply?
The website of Shiply also shows what other customers are shipping. At the time of this writing, I have seen 10, 000+ entries! Some of the most shipped items are 40-feet container, alloy wheels & tires, paintings, fireplace, washing machine, dining table, car, Cabin cruiser, tractor, microwave oven, fridge, double mattress, sideboard, car front panel, kitchen tiles, car rims, range cooker, rear bumper, a puppy and more.

These items are grouped into categories: Furniture & General Items, Boxes, Cars, Motorycycles, Other Vehicles, Moving Home, Haulage, Boats, Vehicle Parts, Pianos, Pets & Livestock and Others.  

How to use Shiply?
Using the official website of Shiply is so easy. No need to login if you'll only at the early stage of asking for a free quote where you'll input the details of the item(s) you'd like to be shipped. Within a few minutes, you'll get a notification from your inbox whether they need more information from you or your good to go. The best thing about Shiply is that you choose from a handful of couriers which do you think will provide the best service or you just want the one that offers the cheapest rate possible.

1. Click the drop-down box to choose what category of the item you want to ship then click the Get Free Quotes button.
2. Input the required details you need (refer to the photo below).
3. Check your inbox from Shiply about your delivery request status. From there, you can interact with the delivery companies if you have more questions in mind. 

Shiply online shipping courier

Why choose Shiply
The best thing about Shiply is that it is so flexible in terms of shipping arrangements. 
While requesting a price quote is free, if you really want a much faster and serious freight provider it is also possible to feature your request for as low as £4.99. If you really need the item(s) so bad, you can mark your request urgent for Why choose Shiply £2.99.

If you want more assistance, the Shiply customer support team is  always ready to help during business days from 9 am to 6pm. Just call 020 3137 2454. You can also shoot a message at this email address

Shiply ships worldwide.  The website has versions for UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia and Spain showing rates according to their specific local currencies.

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