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Wanderhand: An App That Connects Frequent Travelers & Busy Individuals to Housekeepers in Manila

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Do you travel a lot and no chance to maintain the cleanliness of your house? Are you a busy person who has no time to do your household chores? Here in Manila, I know there are a lot of working professionals who feel it is a struggle to find on-call skilled individuals to help them with their household chores. 

I am one of those actually who is always out (traveling & joining blogging events ). And when I am at home, I would rather work to make more money. So far I got two online jobs that eat 8 hours of my day. Also, I would like to help our fellow Filipinos who are currently unemployed but are very good to help us do our laundry or clean our house. My foreign friends who have almost zero knowledge of where to get reliable helpers and maids in Manila face a bigger dilemma.

To tell you honestly, I have long been looking for trusted housekeepers but I fear I may be picking the wrong person because of what I always see on TV. I'm afraid of getting duped, getting robbed or pay someone who cannot do the job properly. I may end up wasting my money and my time too.
All these fears and worries faded when I learned of this app that is an Airbnb for busy professionals to find maids, yaya's, electricians and aircon technicians in Manila. Wanderhand, is a location-based app that provides trustworthy people offering house cleaning, plumbing, automotive and laundry. 

A few weeks ago, I was invited along with blogger friends to the media launching of Wanderhand in Paranaque which was attended by the founders, board of directors and service providers of this app. They have explained to us thoroughly how Wanderhand can make our life easier.  I know by now, you have gazillions of questions about Wanderhand. I may have the answers of some of those. Please read below:

Wanderhand History 
One of the founders of this app has a wife who thinks she needs an extra help because her kids are growing up and her chores are getting bigger each day. She has the money to pay but the problem is, she doesn't know where to find one. In reality, choosing someone to let you come inside your house to fix something is a bit scary. Just watch your favorite local news program and you'll know what I mean! There are manpower agencies but usually, they charge a big amount and that they prefer long-term arrangement.

However, he and his wife remained positive. He listened to her and shared his bright idea to develop an app that will be a bridge between the client (us who need service) and the service providers (Wanderhand's representatives). To make the long story short, his close friends listened to him and built the app. 

How Wanderhand App Works
If you know how to use the Facebook app, you can use Wanderhand app as well in a breeze! You can download the app FOR FREE! If you have an android phone, download it through Google Play or if you have an Iphone, do it on App Store.  It works like Tinder. The client will post that he needs a particular service. Based on his/her location, the service providers living in the same area as the client or the ones nearby, can send the client a message. The service providers should do their best by introducing themselves, specifying how long have they been doing their service et cetera. The client then will decide whom he or she thinks the best.

The conversation between the client and the service providers are only done through a transparent messaging platform where the admins of the app can see what they are talking about. This is to protect the integrity of the app and to make sure there would be no hidden agenda or (romantic) feelings developed! It is all up to you to set what's the best time and date to have them come over your house.

Why Choose Wanderhand Service Providers
All of the service providers went through rigorous trainings to make sure that they can deliver the high quality service to the clients. Most of all, Wanderhand did some background checking to make sure that their service providers are mentally and emotionally fit. 

Should unfavorable consequences happen, like a service provider wasn't able to do the job as expected, Wanderhand has protocols to do a fair investigation to determine who should be accountable for the trouble.

I have just downloaded Wanderhand on my Iphone 6s now. As of February 23rd, the information below reflect how many service providers are available per Wanderhand's category:  

House cleaning = 116 service providers
Laundry & pressing = 148 service providers
Plumbing = 20 service providers
Electrician = 24 service providers

Where Can I Use My Wanderhand App
There are only 4 locations in Metro Manila that Wanderhand is currently serving: Las Pinas, Muntinlupa City, Paranaque City and Taguig City. Don't fret because more and more places will be added soon.

I was planning to have a house cleaner of Wanderhand come today but I had to take care of my sister who is in the hospital right now so hopefully  by Monday or Tuesday, I will finally use Wanderhand! I cannot wait to meet and choose a service provider to help me clean our (messy) house. Will let you know how was the experience :)

Please see below the official video of Wanderhand to understand better how they operate.
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