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Batanes Sample Itinerary, Tips, Contacts and Expenses for Solo Backpacking

Batanes, Philippines

Batanes is considered the ultimate destination in the Philippines according to locals. We couldn't get enough of Batanes’ incomparable grandeur that this is actually our third Batanes blog review. Our previous DIY travel guides to Batanes are all designed for couples so this time we'll feature one brave soul who traveled to Batanes alone. Her name is April Esteban. She has given me the blessing to share her photos, tips, contact persons and everything you need to know to help you prepare your trip there. 

DIY Itinerary to Batanes

Day 1
745am ETA Batanes 
8am Check in, breakfast  at 350 Room 
9am Start of North Batan tour
North Batan Tourist Spots and attractions 
Boulder Beach in Chanpan Valugan, WWII Japanese tunnel/hideout, Basco Idjang Viewing, Fundacion Pacita, PAGASA radar station, Mt. Carmel Chapel, Basco Cathedral, Vayang Rolling hills, Naidi Hills Lighthouse, Sunset Viewing
6pm  End of tour
7pm  Dinner
10pm lights out

Batanes travel guide

Day 2
7am  Start of South Batan Tour (please drink more cups of coffee, this is a jampacked tour)
 South Batan Tourist Spots and attractions
Paderes Point and Cliff road, Chawa View Deck, Mahatao boat shelter port, Mahatao town tour, San Carlos Borromeo church, blank book archive, Mahatao spanish light house, Mahatao Tayid light house, Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Hills), Alapad hills and rock formation, San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel in Imnajbu, Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in Itbud, Songsong ruins, Motchong Viewpont, Antonio de Florencia church in Uyugan, Honesty coffee shop, San Jose de Ivana church and ruins, House of Dakay, Old Spanish Bridge, White Beach and Hohmoron Lagoon

7pm End of tour
8pm Wash up, dinner
10pm Lights out

tour package in Batanes

Day 3
400am Wake up, breakfast
430am Catch the jeep going to Radiwan Port
600am (15 -30 mins Faluwa boat ride to Sabtang)
8am Start of Sabtang Tour
Sabtang Tourist spots and attractions :
San Vicente Ferrer church, Malakdang Lighthouse, Sinakan Stone houses, Bgy Savidug Stone houses, Sto Tomas Chapel, Lime kiln, Savidug Idjang viewing, Chamantad-Tinyan viewpoint, Bgy Chavayan Stone houses, Sabtang Weavers Association, Sta Rosa de lima chapel, Nakabuang cave, Morong beach, Ahaw limestone arc formation, Sumnanga, Duvek cove, Little Hongkong

tour package in Batanes

Day 4
6am Faluwa Boatride Back to Batan
7am Basco
9am rent a Tricycle to Diura Fishing Village
10am Explore the village, trek to Fountain of Youth
11am Chillax, swim, lunch
3pm Back to Basco
4pm Explore Basco town, buy pasalubong
6pm Dinner
10pm Lights out

itinerary to Batanes

Day 5
5am Wake up, breakfast
745am Flight back to Manila

Batanes tourist spots

Batanes Budget Guide and Expenses 
North Batan Tour  Php 1000 per tricycle, can accommodate up to 3 pax. With driver/guide
South Batan Tour  Php 1500 per tricycle, can accommodate up to 3 pax. With driver/guide
North and South Sabtang tour  1500 per tricycle whole day
Terminal fee going back to Manila Php100
Environmental fees/Entrance fee upon arrival  Php 350 in Batan, Php 200 in Sabtang, Php 50 for blank book archive, Php 50 for Fountain of youth, 
Faluwa Boat ride Php 100 per way
Jeep going to Faluwa docking station Php 27
Tricycle to Faluwa docking station Php 150 - 200 per way
Room rates range from Php 300 to 8k per night
If you want a package meal for your tour, lunch costs Php 300 per person  
Bike rental Php 25 per hour

travel guide to Batanes

Ever since I started traveling solo, my motto always is "No plan is the best plan".  However I do some research but I am not the type of who sticks to the itinerary the whole time. I am always open to any changes like a last-minute tourist spot added or joining a fellow traveler whom I meet while traveling because usually, that makes the trip memorable.
For Batanes, I suggest if you want to travel cheap in this place you need to do a lot of research and reserve in advance. I personally spent Php 20k more or less for 5 days of travel in Batanes because I did not prepared well for my trip. I booked my flight on Sunday, the week after I flew to Basco. I was thinking there's an Internet signal there but none. Damn! Anyway, because I don't want you guys to suffer the same fate of me, here are my tips:

1. There is NO INTERNET in Batan island. If you want a wifi signal so bad, you can go to Fundacion Pacita at the tip of Marlboro Country. There is an internet there - just don't move anymore once you're able to go online. You might lose it when you move!  Another option, is to check-in to a hotel with wifi.

2. Homestays in Batanes that offers FREE wifi 
If you're looking for a place to stay in  Batanes, check out PALANGUD HOMESTAY  c/ o Nanay Cita 09052158755/ 09399193616. She is super kind and her daughter whom I forgot the name. She even brought me to the restaurant and dropped me off to the airport of Basco for free. Their rooms are very cheap which is Php 350 per night. I only stayed for a night because they are always fully booked so if you want to sleep here, I suggest get in touch with Nanay Cita asap.

3. If you have no money, just stay at home. Just kidding! If you're feet is really itching and legs are a monster, you can get a guide map at Batanes airport then rent a bike or motorcycle. There are a lot to choose from. It is only Php 25 per hour to rent a bike. Most of the tourist spots in Batanes are just located nearby in the island's main road so you don't have to worry. If you're afraid cows may chase you, just do a tricycle tour in Batanes.

4. Cows in Batanes are NOT FRIENDLY. DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.  &*$&&, I think cows are mutant here! Just don't come near to be safe.

5. If you're traveling alone or in a small group, renting a tricycle tour in Batanes is the cheapest. Choose the driver/guide who knows how to take good photos. Kuya Ismael of Sabtang tour at 09212949968 and Lito Alcantara at 09162291080 are two of the best tourist guides in Batanes, highly recommended!

how to go to Batanes from Manila

6. I discourage y'all bitches from taking package tours. Why? Because not all of the most beautiful places in Batanes are added in the itinerary . Plus there's a time pressure because you're travelling with a group.  It is cheaper to do a DIY Batanes trip, you own your time and you get to see as many tourist spots in Batanes as possible.

7. Cheapest place to buy pasalubong in Batanes is BISUMI Tours & Services shop. It is located beside LBC near the hospital. The most recommended pasalubong to buy in Batanes is the tubho tea. You can also buy me one xx ;)

8. Ivatan people are generally conservative. Avoid wearing puke shorts especially at the church especially if youre bottom isn't that flawless. Bitch please.

9. Food in Batanes is expensive! Each meal typically costs Php 200 - 400. Carinderias or eateries are rare in Batanes.The restaurants are located in the town, package meals are offered when you join a tour which is Php 300 usually. If you can take to do intermittent fasting like skipping one meal after the other, that would be great too. You can also bring canned goods then cook at the homestay. Usually, homestays in Batanes offer their kitchen for free to use for cooking. 

10. Electricity in Batanes is not guaranteed to run 24/7. Bring a powerbank with you.

11. In Sabtang Island, data signal is very strong. You can swipe on Tinder! However, a fair warning, Batanes is somehow a ghost town.You might not have a lot to swipe from. Always, reserve in advance the food you want to eat and of course the accommodation you'll stat in Batanes. There are only two ATM machines / banks in Basco - PNP and Landbank. They also have LBC and Cebuana Lhuillier as well. Take note, only in Basco. Make sure you have enough cash when you go to other parts of Batanes such as Sabtang.

12. The boat ride in Batanes can be cray cray, prepare to get stranded!

13. Electricity schedule in Sabtang is from 6 am -12 mn only. That's why it is really recommended to bring powerbank or flashlight if you're scared in the dark!  

Batanes blog review

As per April, this DIY Batanes trip and itinerary is good for 3 persons where each can only spend Php 5k the most. If you're doing a solo travel in Batanes, it may cost you Php 7 - 10k!

Marlboro Hills Batanes


North and South Batan Tour (Lito Alcantara)-09162291080/09182167440
Sabtang tour (Kuya Ismael)-09212949968
Palangud Homestay (Nanay Cita) 350 per night with wifi!! - 09399193616/09052158755

All photos and DIY tips for Batanes are credited to April Esteban. 

Did you just came from a memorable trip (local or international) with lots of gorgeous photos and would like to share your travel guide with us? Send me an email at so I can post it. This way, you're also helping other travelers who also would like to go to your favorite destinations. 

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