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Chibo Okonomiyaki restaurant the podium

A Japanese restaurant in The Podium, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong 

I always hear this sentiment from fellow travelers who have been to Japan, particularly to Osaka that once they have tasted the authentic Japanese food, they are harder to be fooled of so many trying hard, copycat and wannabe food chains serving Japanese cuisine in the Philippines. The challenge of finding the best Japanese restaurant in one of the busiest districts in Manila can be overwhelming. Good thing, there's another newcomer that's going to bring their diners in an instant to a foodie's ultimate dream destination in Japan which is Osaka.   

 Chibo Okonomiyaki is the second branch of the same restaurant that only opened in 2017 in The Podium mall.  In Japanese, "chibo" means something short or little and "okonomiyaki" is a dish that looks like a pancake. I haven't dined though in Chibo Okonomiyaki in S Maison but I always see it when I pass by. The one in The Podium is less grand in space but when it comes to food I am positive both maintain the high standards of maintaining a taste close to the ones served in Osaka. In Japan, the original Chibo Okonomiyaki started  in 1970's.

japanese resto in the podium ortigas

Last Friday, I had a chance to try the Ala Carte items of Chibo Okonomiyaki in The Podium. It's only two rides away so I have no problem sacrificing a bit of my time to go there. As always, I arrived on time but I was the first one so my prize - I was able to hang out a bit sans the crowd. I got to feel the vibe and learn the atmosphere of the kind of guests who eat there.

chibo okonomiyaki restaurant ortigas center

Before I proceed, I would like to let you know that I am no expert on Japanese cuisine so I will judge the taste as neutral as I can.  I will let my tongue, eyes and nose do the talking!  

chibo okonomiyaki the podium blog

Spicy Yakisoba (Php 288) was first served hot. The serving is really big for an Asian stomach or at least to someone like me who eats very moderate. The noodles were cooked right. I super love the fusion of the hot texture and the spiciness. The restaurant is airconditioned. Eating something warm and heavy somehow fights the cold temperature inside The Podium Mall. On top of this sizzling plate is half-cooked sunny side up egg that really made my day.              
I was determined to finish the whole plate but then another dish arrived. The Sausage Teppan looks so shiny and yummy like the ones shown on TV commercials. I couldn't resist, I ate two pieces and didn't even touched the grilled veggies.          

chibo okonomiyaki japanese restaurant manila

The server came back giving us a plate of Grilled Chicken With Garlic (Php 388) and Chicken Wings (Php 188). I ran out of words. I can eat chicken all day, everyday! The chicken meat is tender and soft. The garlicky flavor is very evident. I can smell it. I wish though they served more of these! I have been distancing myself from eating chicken skin but boy, I had no strength to do that.  I also love the sesame seeds sprinkled on top of the chicken wings. I am giving a hundred points for creativity, presentation and the taste compliment each other.      

japanese restaurant in mandaluyong

What I always look forward to eating at Japanese restaurants is the seafood. At Chibo Okonomiyaki, my expectations were properly met. We had Grilled Octopus (Php 388), Grilled Oyster (Php 588) and Grilled Shrimp with Garlic Oil (Php 588).  My personal favorite is the grilled oyster. Well, I don't eat oysters every day so I took advantage. Don't get me wrong, the grilled octopus and grilled shrimp were both grilled lightly. I was expecting the taste is bland but for some reasons it has some nice flavor or they may have added some sauce prior. It also looked "sunog" or burned so the carcinogen freak in me was a bit hesitant but it tasted just the way I like it.  

I also like the fact that they added a small slice of lemon. Just so in case you have this "umay" effect, you know what to squeeze! On my next visit to this restaurant, I will choose a big plate of mixed prawn, scallops, salmon, squid and side of vegetables.     

chibo okonomiyaki manila japanese resto

Photos above  in clockwise order:  
Pork & Kimchi Tonpeiyaki (Php 188) and Pork & Cheese Tonpeiyaki (Php 188) plus the Teppanyaki Gizzard (Php 238) then Chicken and Coriander Salad (Php 288), Kimchi and Pork Teppan (Php 238).  I wish the salad though has more dressing. However, healthwise it is better that to have less dressing. I think you can always ask more. The chicken was cooked lightly enough to compliment the greens that come with it.  The tonpeiyaki for me looked like a crepe  but no it is not. It tasted good as well but I am  bit confused because the flavor and texture reminds me of  okonomiyaki. 

To be honest, I am really not a fan of innards so the last dish I tasted is Teppanyaki Gizzard. To my surprise it turned out good. I do not  eat "balumbanun" in the streets but here in Chibo Okonomiyaki and at home prepared by my mom - yes! They chose the most "edible" part which is the one that's not too hard to bite.     

Of course, what's a perfect meal without  dessert? We capped off our mid-afternoon lunch by  Rice Flour Dumplings with Azuki Bean Sauce served cold (Php 150) like an ice cream. Who would have thought that a dumpling can make a good a dessert?

Other things you need to know about Chibo Okonomiyaki Podium

Is there a wifi? 
You can use the free wifi offered by The Podium good for an hour. 
Is there outdoor seating?
None. Don't worry the coldness of the temperature inside the restaurant is tolerable.
Is there a dress code?
I don't think so.
Is there a parking area?
Yes.  It is at ADB Ave BDO side and J. Vargas side. Parking rate is Php 50 up to 4 hours.  
How's the comfort room?
It's clean. The flash is running. There's a roll of tissue paper as well. Outside, there's a mirror and a sink where you can wash your hands with a liquid bath gel. It is my first time to visit a restaurant where the CR is located near the main entrance. It's all good though. No undesirable smell whatsoever. 
How's the location?
The Podium is located at the back of Saint Francis shopping center which is just across SM Megamall.  
How about the seats?
There are individual chairs and a long straight bench for groups.

In Chibo Okonomiyaki, they treat your belongings with extra care. They have this movable thing made of wood and covered with cloth. Think of a foldable chair but this one is made for storing your bag then put it close near you. Of course, they're not liable if your bag gets lost. Make sure it's within your reach anytime.    

 Chibo Okonomiyaki Menu    

chibo okonomiyaki the podium menu

chibo okonomiyaki tripadvisor review

chibo okonomiyaki podium

chibo okonomiyaki podium menu

To keep updated with Chibo Okonomiyaki Podium
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Address: 18 ADB Ave, 5th Floor, The Podium, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila  

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