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DIY Itinerary & Travel Guide to Cagbalete Island

cagbalete island blog review

Cagbalete Island is known for its fine, white sand and long stretch of sandbar. The best thing about it is that you don't have to take an overnight plane to get there, because the island of Cagbalete is located in Mauban, Quezon Province which relatively near Manila. One way trip there costs only around Php 400 however suggested budget per person is Php 1, 500 - 2, 000 to get the best of what Cagbalete Island can offer.   If you're really budget tight, pitching a tent for Php 300 will never go wrong. Even though it is geographically near in Manila, if you go during weekdays and some weekends - you can have the island all by yourself. 

Cagbalete Island is blessed with gentle waves. If you're not a seasoned swimmer - fear not because staying along the shore until shoulder deep is relatively safe.  Even if you're not a beach bum, just being surrounded with the swaying trees and the view of the azure sky will surely take away your sorrows for a moment. At night, if the weather is perfect you'll be rewarded with the view of millions of twinkling stars above. 

Camille Bean Mendoza-Vergara would like to share her 2 days and one night trip to Cagbalete Island for Php 2, 000 only.   


What to do in Cagbalete Island
There are so many activities in Cagbalete island. If you're thinking it's only swimming, I beg to disagree. You can do lot like the ones below:

  • island hopping 
  • kayaking 
  • snorkeling 
  • wall climbing 
  • rapelling 
  • glass boat viewing 
  • balsa massage

Cagbalete island blog review

Special mention to two tourist spots that can be explored while in Cagbalete Island: a cave and a water fall. 

  • Butas Butas Cave. This cave should be in every Cagbalete island itinerary. It is only 30 - 35 minutes away by boat. It can be reached via land travel but the way there is muddy. This cave is submerged half in water so in order to get inside you'll have to swim through a small hole or entrance. 
  • Bisibis Falls. Have you ever seen a waterfall that faces the sea? If not, this is it. Bisibis Falls is located remotely. After an hour of boat ride, you need to swim to the rocky shore to be up close with this fall.

cagbalete diy tour island

Tips and recommendations you need to know before you go to the island of Cagbalete 
  • You're staying in an island. Do not expect established restaurants to serve your favorite food but there's a local community mostly composed of moms and elders who cook food for less than a hundred. However, I saw some DIY Cagbalete Island reviews saying it is better to bring your own food because stores are scarce and/or the food is expensive. I also heard of someone offering packaged food good for one whole day (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) for Php 800 per pax.
  • From Cubao, you can take the Jac Liner going to Lucena Grand Terminal.  Then it takes an hour to reach Mauban's town proper called Mauban Bayan via a minibus. 
  • The Tourism office of Mauban opens as early as 6am. You need to go there to register and pay for environmental fee.  After doing so, you can just reach the port by walking a several minutes where you can take a boat to the island of Cagbalete.
  • If you availed for private boat which is Php 1500 - 2000, you’ll be dropped off directly in front of your accommodation in Cagbalete.
    If it’s a public boat which is Php 70 per head, it’s only until the port. You can take habal habal instead.
  • Electricity and water are only available from 6am to 6pm daily. Make sure you have enough reserve of water to drink and fully charged power bank for your gadgets.
  • Tent pitching is Php 300 and renting a tent is Php 500 per.
  • Doña Choleng, Pansacola, Villanoe, Joven resorts are all walking distance from the shore.  
  • The island hopping package do not include free use of snorkeling gear or googles, please bring your own!
cagbalete island tour 2018

2D1N Itinerary to Cagbalete Island

 DAY 1 
1:30 AM Bus bound for Lucena through JAC Liner or DLTBCO 
4:30 AM Arrived Lucena Grand Terminal 
5:00 AM Bus Bound for Mauban through NCR Rienton Lines 
6:20 AM Arrived Mauban Bus Terminal 
7:40 AM Private Boat Trip to Cagbalete Island 
8:45 AM Arrived Cagbalete Island 
9:00 AM Check in kung saan nyo gusto bes
12:00 NN Lunch & Beach Bumming 
6:00 PM Freshen-up, Dinner, Socials 
10:30 PM Lights Off

DAY 2: 
6:15 AM Sunrise Watching 
6:45 AM Walk around the island tabi tabi ung resort dun bes 
8:30 AM breakfast, swimming again 
10:30 AM Check-out 
11:30 AM Passenger boat ride to Mauban or kung private pede khit anong oras kau umuwi advise nio lang bankero 
12:45 PM Arrived Mauban Port 
1:30 AM Bus bound for Lucena Terminal 
3:00 PM Arrived Lucena Grand Terminal, Late Lunch 
4:00 PM Bus bound for Cubao, Manila 
7:30 PM Cubao Terminal/Buendia Terminal

2018 cagbalete island tour package

Summary of expenses 
Manila - Buendia -  Lucena : Php 220+😂
Cubao - Lucena: Php 210
Lucena - Mauban: Php 50
Mauban - Cagbalete:  Private boat Php 1500 good for 4 = 375 each direct to resort of choice
Public transport (10am & 4:30pm): Php 70 
Food: Php 30 - 60  
Island hopping tour: Php 1500 good for 5 persons 
Environmental fee: Php 50

cagbalete island blog tour

Note: This is an outsourced travel guide from a fellow backpacker, Camille Bean Mendoza-Vergara. We give all credits to the photos (except the one from Jem and mine) and all the valuable information she shared to us. You can click HERE to follow her on Instagram. We have not done any heavy editing to what she posted to maintain the style of her travel post. Thus, this is not a comprehensive travel guide but more of a place to share travel experiences, photos and in between.

diy cagbalete tour blog

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