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Wanna have a peace of mind when you travel? Get a travel insurance from Malayan Insurance

Malayan Travel Insurance in the Philippines
Travel Insurance in the Philippines
Malayan Travel Insurance Review

Traveling on a budget is my mantra. I will do everything to spend the least possible way. I chose to bring clothes enough to use the free 7 kg hand-carry baggage,  I prefer to stay at hostels and I always skip paying for that meager amount of travel insurance. 

Two years ago while on a media trip to Indonesia for 15 days, something happened. The tip of my middle finger (yeah I know!) started to itch so bad. Within 24 hours it turned red and the next thing I know is it developed pus already. It's so bad that I cannot even bend my whole middle finger. Until now, I have no idea where I got the infection. We were traveling from different spots: Lombok, Labuan Bajo, Bandung, Jakarta and Bali.  We visited wet markets, did island-hopping, hard to reach indigenous communities, ate loads of local food et cetera. I have completely NO CLUE how I got it. 

Good thing, this trip was all taken care of the tourism office of the host country.  I was rushed to the nearest private hospital. The lady doctor suggested removing the pus immediately. This means a minor operation should be done. This is not a life-threatening situation but getting sick or involved in an accident outside our home country is truly a nightmare if we are not prepared. 

I was thinking what if this is a bigger health issue that I need to pay hundreds of thousands  (or millions) in cash? What if I don't have a travel insurance? I have enough money and savings but I don't want my hard-earned cash to let go just like that.

Fast forward to today,  in every trip I always avail of health insurance for my peace of mind.  This is not just for myself but also for my family. I don't want to be a liability to them in any way. Even if it is a local trip,  I think this is one of the best things I can do for myself. Of course, this does not mean I will be careless enough to be in situations that I will regret after. I still cross my fingers and pray that I won't use my travel insurance at all!

Any recommendation for a travel health insurance in the Philippines?

Check this Malayan Insurance Travel Master. I am still the "kuripot" backpacker in every sense. One of the most recommended travel insurance in the Philippines, Malayan Insurance is very affordable with up to one million pesos coverage. To have an idea of their pricing, take a look below for a typical 4-day trip:

Around the country: Php 350
Around Asia: Php 375
USA, Europe and the rest of the world: Php 525

travel health insurance in the philippines

What are the benefits?   

  • Accidents that lead to dismemberment, or disablement as well as accidental burial benefit.  
  • Sudden medical treatment that also involves follow-up care and daily incidental expenses 
  • Personal liability like accidentally hurting someone or damaging someone else's property   
  • Emergency Trip Termination that reimburses the unused portion of travel and the non-refundable accommodation expenses already paid
  • General inconveniences such loss of travel documents, loss of baggage, baggage delay, loss of cash, damage to laptop and flight delay, damage of rental cars and accidents from sports activities    


Malayan Insurance has partnered with Assist America, a world-class travel assistance provider. You have easy access to these services below:
  • Medically supervised repatriation
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Care for unattended minors     
  • Compassionate leave
  • Hospital admission guarantee             
  • Critical care monitoring               
  • Prescription assistance               
  • Legal and interpreter referrals
  • Emergency medical transmission

By the way Malayan Insurance Travel Master is not only applicable to trips that involve airplane rides. They also cover trips via trains, ships and cars. The next time you look for a travel health insurance in the Philippines, don't forget Malayan Insurance Travel Master.

To get to know more about Malayan Insurance, check the information below:
Facebook Fan Page:
Contact number: (632) 628-8-628

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