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4 Tips To Making Your Own Greeting Card

Whether it is a birthday card, a get well soon card or a Christmas card, many people love sending greeting cards to family, friends, and colleagues.  However, did you know you could make your own greeting card? There is no better way to surprise your loved ones than with that unique custom made greeting card to show them that you are not only thinking of them, but you are also willing to put in the time to make something for them.
Here are tips you can use to make your own greeting card.

1. Determine the theme of the card
Which type of greeting card do you want to make? Is it a birthday card, a congratulatory card, thank you, anniversary or a Christmas card? The type of card can help you to determine the theme and the design to use. The look of a birthday card should be different from that of a Christmas card. It makes it easy to identify what the card is for.
You should also decide the artwork at this point.
Before you send the card, you could ask someone to identify the type of card it is. If it is not easy to identify, consider redesigning such that a person can know its purpose at first glance.
Knowing more about the person receiving the card can help you to choose the appropriate design, artwork, and theme.

2. Collect all the items you need
Your work will be easier if you have all the items you need to make the card in one place. Some of the items you need for a handmade card include paper, a pair of scissors, glue, paper cutter, decorations, envelopes, and pen. You can find some of the items at home and you may be required to buy others.
If you will be using a computer, make sure you have the printing paper and the required software.

3. Make the card
Now that you have everything that you need, start making the card. Will you be making the card by hand or will you print it?
Decide the size of the card. Make a card that can fit easily into an envelope. For printed cards, the most common size is 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches.
If you are making the card by hand, cut the paper into the desired size using a paper cutter. Add the decorations depending on the purpose of the card and the recipient. For instance, you could include cakes on a birthday card.
Add the greeting. This should be a handwritten personalized message to the recipient relating to the purpose of the greeting card.
If you will use a computer to make the card, choose the software you will use depending on your skills. You could use a template from the software to start you off. Choose the size of the card, include graphics, include the appropriate text and then print the card.

4. Package it properly
Your greeting card should get to the intended recipient looking new. It should not be dirty or torn. Other than putting the card in an envelope, you can protect it by placing it inside resealable cello bags. These are clear bags that prevent dirt or water from reaching your greeting cards. They can also be used for packaging photos, prints, and artwork.

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