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Check This Instagrammable Team Building Venue in Rizal With Unobstructed View of Laguna de Bay

Looking for company outing locations near Manila? Forget the crowded resorts of Pansol in Laguna. Give Lily Vacation Farmhouse in Rizal a try, one of the most promising team building venues near Manila I super duper recommend. Last weekend, I decided to skip a day of work from my online tasks to join a group of bloggers to spend overnight at this Instagrammable accommodation. And yes, I never regretted my decision.

As a travel blogger who have slept in so many accommodations from hostels to luxury hotels, I somehow  developed high standards when it comes to choosing a place to stay for getaway purposes. Lily Vacation Farmhouse exceeded most of my expectations. Only three hours away from the metro, Lily's is worth every second of travelling to get there. From Starmall Shaw, we took an FX to reach Tanay for two hours and another one hour to reach Jala Jala.  The way to Tanay did not impress me at all but the way to Jala Jala was a delight. I left Manila a bit groggy but the sights along Jala Jala's roads kept my eyes wide open! Those tall acacia trees that are lined up both sides  are such a relief to see. Not only that, the biggest ones spread their branches and creating a roof under the road. The best part is seeing a small farm of sunflowers in full bloom! 

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Introduction to Lily Vacation Farmhouse   
Lily Vacation Farmhouse is a family business named from the owner's mother-in-law. It is less than 2 years old but I am hands down to its efficiency from the physical attributes to the warm service we received. 

I love the setting of Lily Vacation Farmhouse. Surrounded by white wooden fence, everything is covered with green grass except the pathway, the swimming pool and the basketball court. Like Jala Jala's roads, Lily Vacation Farmhouse is also home to some of the most sturdy acacia trees I have ever seen! There are petite mango trees from a distance as well and other types of trees that this lady in me who loves nature so much felt like a ton of stress she feels inside was gone in an instant. 

I quickly put my bag inside one of the bungalow's three connecting rooms. After making sure my belongings are safe, I went outside only to be surprised more. The view of Laguna de bay providing an undulating silhouette of Mount Banahaw and Mount Makiling almost swept me away. Not to mention the swimming pool that is just a few steps away from me.

Lily's target market are companies looking for places to do team building activities near Manila. It is actually also open to big families that can afford the price. I was told that Lily's Vacation Farmouse can accommodate up to 25 persons. So if you plan to go here with your partner, you'll have to pay for the rate of the whole place and not just for the room where you'll spend a night.  

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What to do outside
  • Basketball 
  • ATV
  • Horseback riding
  • Farm animal feeding
  • Under the tree dining
  • Alfresco dining
  • Outdoor film watching
  • Camping / glamping with bonfire
  • Tire swinging
  • Volleyball
  • Frisbee
  • Football
  • Karaoke singing using a flat-screen TV and boom mic stand

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What to do inside

  • Drink complimentary brewed coffee while chitchatting with friends on a very comfy couch
  • Admire the many works of arts hanging on the walls
  • Watch your favorite shows on a flat-screen TV
  • Cook your favorite dish(es) using Lily's gas stove (gas included) 
  • Eat your meals using Lily's tableware   

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Other features
  • Microwave
  • Toaster 
  •  Refrigerator and Beverage Chiller
  • Hot & cold water dispenser with free 5 gallons of purified water 
  • Rice cooker
  •  Basic Toiletries shampoo with conditioner & body Wash (1 set per bathroom)
  • Outdoor shower rooms for pool swimmers
I also saw two nipa huts from the far right side though not sure if it is also available for sleeping at night or just for decoration purposes because according to the accommodation's Airbnb link it only says 3 rooms which are all located inside the bungalow house.


What I super like about this place

  • Everything is clean 
  • Appliances are all working fine
  • The staff is always there whenever we need something
  • There are enough charging stations. I really checked this given the deal that they cater to large groups
  • A/C units work fine and comfort rooms have bidets

lily vacation farmhouse rizal blog review

The birds chirping in the morning were my alarm clock. I woke up with my ears receiving soft melodies from these gentle creatures that really made my stay here extra special. I was able to catch the sunrise super early in the morning because I was the first one to fell asleep. Lily Vacation Farmhouse is one of the best events place near Manila for any special occasions or as a team building venue.

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Special mention to some of the brands and sponsors that made our staycation at Lily's extra amazing 

Panccitto's for serving best-tasting pancit palabok and pancit malabon. They serve all your favorite pancit favorites such as canton, bihon guisado and canton bihon. You can click Panccitto's Facebook fan page HERE.
panccitto quezon city review

Genry Vodka for the (alcoholic) drinks. I still have a bit of flu so I did not went all out. I was ready to get tipsy but I had to do the right thing. You can click Genry Vodka's Facebook fan page HERE 

Vernisse Grill Catering Services for our hearty dinner. Located in Antipolo, they are the official catering partner of Lily's Vacation Farmhouse. You can click the official Facebook Fan page of Vernisse Grill HERE

Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes for the cupcakes. It is not super sweet but you'll really taste the real chocolate flavor. Couldn't remember how many pieces I ate total. You can click Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes's official Facebook fan page HERE.
Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes

Rave Party One for the sound system. For party and events, you know where to ask help about music and sounds. You can click Rave Party One's Facebook Fan Page HERE.
rave party one sound system manila for the girly dresses I wore. For those who like attires that express the feminine side of you for a very affordable price, go check them out. You can click Levier Ph's Facebook Fan Page HERE.
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Last but not the least, thanks to specially to Jerny of for the invite and Jona of for taking photos of me. There you go, next time your supervisor asks for a place near Manila to have your team outing, Lily Vacation Farmhouse is the answer. 
Lily Vacation Farmhouse Airbnb link:
Lily Vacation Farmhouse website: 
Lily Vacation Farmhouse Facebook fan page:
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Lily Vacation Farmhouse address: 0060 Companario Street, Sitio Campanario, Pagkalinawan, Jalajala near Pagkalinawan Elementary School, Rizal, Philippines

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