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Tagaytay is one of my favorite near-the-metro destinations because of its chilly weather and stunning nature scenery. Now that I am in my thirties, my travel style has changed as well.  I am so done with the many outdoor themed parks that Tagaytay is known for. The best reasons for me why I adore Tagaytay so much is that it is home to farms, gardens, retreat houses, holistic clinics and restaurants serving good food. Therefore, Tagaytay for me is a superb wellness destination and a foodie's paradise. 

My most recent trip here brought me to Amega Hotel, the newest mid-range boutique hotel in Tagaytay with 10 rooms only. It is everything I am dreaming of. The location is very ideal because it sits in front of Ayala Malls. At the back of this hotel, you have the best views of rolling ridges, lush trees and during clear days you'll see a bit of Taal Lake. Actually if you feel hungry, you don't need to go out because its resident restaurant will make you ask them what took them so long to open. Aptly called Guada's Authentic Recipes, this newest restaurant in Tagaytay is going to challenge your perception  of how to distinguish cheap and delicious dish over one that's freshly made using finest herbs without sacrificing our palate's standard of what a delicious food should taste like.


Amega Hotel Tagaytay is just a few days away from opening its doors to its first guests when I visited that's why I am going to feature first its restaurant, cafe and bar. Hopefully, I could go back to share to you what it is like spending a night in Amega Hotel Tagaytay and probably be able to try any of their spa massages. 


Together with two other blogger friends, we were welcomed personally by the owner herself Miss Maria Cristina Siladan. She's one of the humblest and most hands-on hotel owner I have ever met to be honest.  I have been to dozens of hotels already here in the Philippines and Asia - I have high standards when it comes to reviewing staycation packages. Amega Hotel Tagaytay exceeded my expectations given the fact that the owner did all the interior designing and sourcing of all the things that this hotel is made of. First thing I always look for in a hotel is the local vibe - I love the paintings courtesy of talented kids from Bicol, the (artificial) plants that adore almost every corner of the hotel mimicking the feel of being one with nature and it doesn't feel like staying commercially in a rented space because it looks like the house of your "yayamanin" Tita who is welcoming you over the weekend for your needed "vacaycay" feeling. Amega Hotel Tagaytay is not a budget hotel. The rate per night starts at Php 6, 200 but this I am sure of, you get what you pay for!


Guada's Authentic Recipes Introduction

Named after the owner's mother who loves to cook, Guada's Authentic Recipes looks do not match the grandiose affair of Amega's Hotel rooms but it's the great taste that would make you come back here for sure. I have a feeling they want Guada's to be an epitome of simplicity much like dining in one's home but with modern touch. The golden rule in Guada's Authentic Recipes of Amega Hotel Tagaytay's kitchen is not to use any artificial flavoring or MSG's at all. The chefs and cooks of Amega Hotel Tagaytay only use herbs and ingredients that they source mostly straight from farms in Tagaytay. This move guarantees that what's on your dining plate in Guada's of Amega Hotel Tagaytay is guaranteed fresh and of course the preparation time would take a bit more of 15-20 minutes duration. Do not fret because like I mentioned above there's a backyard you can hangout just a few steps away where you can hangout, walk for a while, admire the views of the nearby mountains while enjoying the cold breeze.   

tagaytay restaurant guada's authentic recipes

Guada's Authentic Recipes Menu 
I actually do not mean the entire menu of Amega Hotel Tagaytay's restaurant. What I can share to you are the most recommended food you should eat in Tagaytay. Guada's Authentic Recipes do not have an outsider concessionaire - this means they do everything on their own to make sure it meets their own standard of healthy and yummy food serving. 

Adobo sa puti, Tinapang Tilapia and Bulalo all cooked with a twist

Kimchi rice sisig. It is made of 90% actual meat and only 10% fat. Instead of mayonnaise, they use Reno liver spread with homemade vinegar.
Mango burrito, garlic broccoli, asparagus pasta and whole oat meal. For those who are looking for plant-based meals like me, you have a space in Guada's Authentic Recipes of Amega Hotel Tagaytay!  I look forward to eat these soon.

See below some of the dishes I was able to try myself. I have nothing but praises!

For Mains
(L) Chicken Binakol flavored with tanglad leaves, ginger and chili served in coconut shell. It's like tinola but the grander version. Since it comes with coconut meat you know you're eating the healthier version. The aroma coming from tanglad leaves that also reflect to the taste of the soup is just so good. Makes me want to eat one order more!
(R) Vongole Seafood Pasta. For pasta lovers, you don't want to miss this. It's made of clamshell, tomatoes, sili labuyo and chili flakes. Some pasta dishes give you this kind of feeling that you get your stomach full very fast but this one it is not.

restaurant in tagaytay guada's authentic recipes

(L) Ham and cheese pizza roll with pesto sauce. I will go back to Tagaytay in a heartbeat just for this! For some reasons, eating pizza in a form of a roll than the usual one is more enjoyable. This one was the bomb for me of all the food served in Guada's.  It's chewy plus the ham and cheese inside do not overwhelm the overall taste. I actually enjoyed it eating even without pesto sauce but dipping it with pesto sauce also deserves another applause.

(R) Hawaiian folded pizza. Think of ham, bell pepper, pineapple sauce in a pizza served with marinara sauce. I like that it is not too thick and not to hard to chew. I have a thing about bell pepper and pineapple sauce - whenever mixed together, I am a happy soul already.

where to eat in tagaytay amare hotel tagaytay

For Desserts

(L) Cake truffle coated with dark chocolate rolled in cashew nuts and sprinkles. It breaks my heart to devour these tiny pieces of pure joy! It's not just a sugary chocolate but dark chocolate so you feel less guilt of chewing some sweets.  I also love the idea of adding cashew nuts - it has high levels of iron and promote good cholesterol.
(R) Mango cheese roll. If only eating sweets way too much, I can eat this every day! It has cream cheese, ripe mango and dipped in custard sauce. I am one happy soul whenever I eat anything made of cream cheese!

Special mention to the best and healthiest type of cheesecakes I have ever tasted in Guada's. It's soft, chewy and not loaded with artificial sweeteners. It has three flavors: mango, pandan and ube.  I swear after you try the cheesecake in Amega Hotel Tagaytay, you'll go gaga over it! 

Knowing that Tagaytay is a wellness destination, I am giving Guada's Authentic Recipes plus one million points for introducing holistic juices. Using a special kind of blender, they showed us how to make a very healthy drink made of pure malunggay leaves and sweet pineapple chunks. Brands that always make sure they incorporate healthy living in their products and services always have a special place in my heart! 

amare hotel tagaytay address

Guada's Authentic Recipes offer plated breakfast from Monday to Thursday then buffet type on weekends. Choices include tapsilog, longsilog and American breakfast. 

restaurant in tagaytay amare hotel tagaytay

Amega Hotel Tagaytay has its own cafe called Tea, Coffee and Stories.  We got a chance to chat with Amega Hotel Tagayta's F&B Supervisor John Paul Rozul who heads this cafe plus the upcoming bar. A very inspiring and self-taught barista with 12 years experience, he said there's only one type of coffee served here which is the locally grown but world-class Arabica from Benguet. It's a single origin coffee with different types such as roast medium and French roast. Feel free to order the one your heart desires! Range of prices of coffee and tea here is between Php 80 to Php 180. A Black tea loose leaf tea from Sri Lanka is Php 160, Cafe mocha (chocolate and espresso) is Php 160 and Double espresso shot is Php 100.

cafe in tagaytay tea, coffee and stories

coffee shop in tagaytay

coffee shop in tagaytay

Amega Hotel Tagaytay's bar is not yet fully set up but we were able to try their own version of blue margarita - made of local ingredients. It's one of the most recommend drinks on their menu! 

Truly, a whole-day in Amega Hotel Tagaytay feels like an hour long because I do had a great time.  I want to thank Miss Cristina and the whole team for this chance to visit Tagaytay once again. It's the best of all my trips here.

amare hotel tagaytay rate

Amega Hotel Tagaytay is located in Km. 54 Emillio Aguinaldo Highway Silang, Crossing East Silang, Junction South, Tagaytay City Cavite. You can click HERE the official website of this hotel. Social media pages to follow.

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