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How To Market Your Eco-Friendly Brand To Travel & Lifestyle Blogs

Influencer and blogger marketing is listed as one of the latest digital marketing trends today by Edge Online, one of the largest and longest-running digital marketing in Australia.

And it's no secret why. Bloggers, particularly in the travel and lifestyle niche, have been helping people get the information they need in the quickest and most creative way possible, building loyalty with them. That's why they're the perfect channel for businesses to inform people about their brand.

If you're an eco-friendly brand who's looking to collaborate with travel and lifestyle blogs or finding ways to make your blogger outreach more fruitful, check out these five tips to marketing your eco-friendly brand to travel and lifestyle blogs!

1. Do your homework first
Blogger and influencer marketing is like starting a relationship. Before you commit to one, you carefully analyze if this special person is the right one for you.

There are plenty of travel and lifestyle bloggers today, but only a number of them will work best with your brand over the others. Researching your list of potential partner candidates will help you find the ones who share the same specific audience, approach, and content covered as yours.

Once done, you can then start your research to get to know your blogger candidates better.

2. Appreciate their works
Before sending your outreach email, take time to show your support and appreciation to their blogs. Share their content on social media. Start a conversation in the comments section. Leave a comment on their blog posts. Do this consistently, and your name will definitely leave a mark.

And even if your partnership ends, still, show your support for their content and other ventures. This way, you nurture your relationship with the blogger and their readers as well.

3. Be concise
When sending your outreach emails, shoot your message straight across Give a short introduction of yourself and your business, how you found their blog and how it brings inspiration to your business.

Then segue to your intent of partnering with them for a project you're working on. Give them an overview of the project, and share your excitement about collaborating with them.

If you follow this format, you can deliver your message with as least words possible without leaving important bits behind.

4. Let your purpose or advocacy be one of the major points of your partnership
Let your potential blogger partner know that you share the same passion(s). For example, to encourage more people to transform into a greener way of living, or to promote eco-friendly destinations (like your business) to travelers who want an nature-themed vacation.

This gives you the upper-hand with courting a blogger because as you share more helpful information to their readers. And the more information s/he has to share, the more s/he'll see the benefit of working with you.

5. Be collaborative
When working with travel and lifestyle blogs (or any niche blogs), remember that your purpose here is not to piggyback on the blogger's wide audience reach. It's also about sharing creative ideas to create awareness about your passion through the blogging platform.

So when partnering with bloggers, don't forget to ask their share of ideas. Bloggers are a bunch of creative people. They would jump at the chance to channel out their creativity and use it for more purposeful things.

For example, ask them for blog topics to write about, and let them write the post themselves if they want to. These bloggers already know what ideas work well with their audience, so don't be afraid to ask them.

6. Offer something valuable as a token of your partnership
Don't forget -this partnership is a gamble on their brand image. With the unpredictable mood of the online audience nowadays, you never know when a good-willed content can be perceived by people the wrong way. Show your gratitude and appreciation for them taking the leap of faith in your business.

If you've done your homework before pushing this collaboration, then you already know what the blogger would find valuable. Money is the universally-accepted reward, but most bloggers would appreciate a chance to try out your business for themselves.

Just don't go with the bandwagon trend of offering only exposure in exchange for the partnership, unless you're an authority in your niche and you have a large following as well.

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