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9 Cheap Travel Destinations

When you think of travel, you probably assume that you won’t be able to afford to go anywhere but let me tell you something. All those travel influencers who are always posing in front of cultural heritages probably thought the same. Until they did a little research and realized that some countries in the country are half as cheap as our country.

With a little research, some savings (find the Best High-Interest Savings Accounts Online for 2019 here), and a wanderlust attitude, you can travel the world too!

9 Cheap Travel Destinations
If you exclude the plane tickets, you might find that these travel destinations are more budget-friendly than living in your own country:

India can never go out of style. You can spend a month in India for less than $300 a month. Indians are one of the accommodating and helpful people. The place also offers a lot of options for the adventure-lovers with its unexplored lands and the natural landscapes. When going to India, a visit to the Taj Mahal is a must. This ivory-white mausoleum made from marble is one of the seven wonders of the Modern world.

When it comes to cheap travel destinations, we can’t exclude Thailand from the list. Thailand depends a lot on its tourists. This country satisfies all kinds of tourists. It offers sandy beaches, a tropical climate and party vibes for all. Along with this, there’s beautiful culture with over 80 temples, and then there’s a natural beauty that never fails to hit the spot. The island of Krabi in Thailand will create some of your best travel memories.

Despite the bad publicity surrounding Pakistan, it is emerging as a cheap travel destination. The country’s leaders are working on improving security and accessibility to market Pakistan as a travel destination. Pakistan offers a lot in terms of culture, beautiful and varied geography and its welcoming people. Influencers traveling to Pakistan are surprised at the local’s hospitality. Some don’t take money for food or other small good sold.

Turkey is home to one of the most beautiful architectural moments. The art and culture background of the country appeals to artistic minds. There’s always a honeymoon couple visiting Turkey because they read so much of the country in their art history class. If you do visit Turkey, do try out their baklava and the amazingly great Turkish sweets.

If you want to travel to Europe, then Portugal is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Western Europe. It’s known for its relaxing beaches and beautiful cities. The main tourist centers in Portugal are Lisbon, Algarve, and Porto. Portugal is also known for its cheap wine. You could get a glass of good wine in Portugal for less than $5.

With the number of planes going to Mexico, you can snag a really good deal if you choose Mexico as your next travel destination. There’s a lot of greenery in this colorful country. You can also visit many attractions free of cost. I would suggest planning your travel around their national days and celebration to make the trip even more worthwhile. Mexico celebrates its most popular holiday on November 1 (All Saints Day) and All Souls Day (November 2), two days after Halloween.

Croatia is one of the most popular holiday destinations for the British and for good reason. The country has pleasant weather all year round. GOT fans might really enjoy the country since it’s the place where most of Game of Thrones was filmed including the Diocletian’s Palace in Split. And then there are the beaches, the lovely parks, and even a quirky museum. If you are planning on going to Croatia, you should definitely visit The Museum of Broken Relationship. This Museum in Zagreb displays everyday objects along with their history of a broken relationship.

For many travel influencers, Philippines is already part of their bucket list. And it’s not because it’s a cheap holiday destination. This tropical hub has over 7,000 beautiful islands. The cascades of Lake Sebu are enough to inspire travel enthusiasts to visit the country. The hospitality, the food and the culture of this country will keep you wanting to come back. And if you get a chance to visit the Philippines during the Sinulog Festival, you will see inspiring costumes, dance competitions, mouth-watering food, and a full-party mode.

Jamaica is the place you go to if you are looking for both adventure and beauty. There’s a warm and love in Jamaica. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, it’s the place to start your Instagram travel journal.  Put on your swimsuit and snap a photo with a background of crystal clear water or the lush, green landscapes. When going to Jamaica, do visit the Devon House and Bob Marley Museum for a lesson in the culture and history of Jamaica.  

If any of these travel destinations have brought out your traveler spirit, you can always apply for a personal loan at Crediful. Enjoy these destinations!  

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