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Crazy Tako Ph Now Available for Franchise

Friends who travel to Japan always mention two Japanese dishes that really capture their heart: ramen and takoyaki.  That's why it is not a surprise to see a lot of food stalls selling Japanese food all over Manila. The taste of Japanese cuisine easily blends to our palate. Therefore, in a business perspective  it is not so hard to sell Japanese food in the Philippines. [Left photo above is the Octo Fingers + right photo is the Takoyaki]

Speaking of, starting a business out of selling Japanese food is just a franchise away. You don't have to start from zero because all you gotta do is shell out an amount and voila, you're now running your own business! Two Filipinos who got crazy about takoyaki started making their own. They want it to taste as authentic as the ones sold in the streets of Japan. The first batch of ingredients they used came all the way from Osaka from a flight layover.  Of course, Youtubing until the many countless wee hours in the morning to master the basic Takoyaki making.

Crazy tako ph blog review

Who would have thought that the first Crazy Tako takoyakis were served under a small tent inside  a cemetery during the All Soul's Day in 2017? And if selling over 80,000 takoyaki balls in 20 days by Crazy Tako Ph isn't an accomplish to you, I don't know what will!

Crazy Tako Ph serves two variants of  this popular Japanese snack: regular takoyaki and Octo Fingers. Aside from the wheat flour-based batter and of course octopus, the takoyaki of Crazy Tako Ph is made of  chopped red ginger, cabbage, bonito flakes, ao nori (type of seaweed) and tenkasu (tempura scraps).  Four pieces of takoyakis cost only  Php 58 while eight pieces is only Php 99. Octo Fingers I believe is fried octopus served in a different kind of sauce. It is only Php 99.  This is the one I do need to try next time.  If you want to splurge a little bit more, there are two add ons: Katsuoboshi Flakes (Php 10) and Crazy Crunch (Php 10). 

More information about Crazy Tako Ph franchise

Crazy takoyaki ph franchise

Franchise information
Initial fee: Php 75k
Initial terms: 4 Years
Renewal fee: 50% of Franchise Fee
Capital Requirement: P257,000
Continuation fee: P2500/Month
Space requirement: 25 X 25 SQM.

Steps to own the franchise
1. Fill out confidential questionnaire together with your letter of intent and send them to
2. We will review your application.
3. You will be invited to discuss the franchise details.
4. Your proposed location will be visited and thoroughly checked.
5. The franchise agreement can now be executed.
6. Outlet set-up and staff training will commence.
7. We will provide pre-opening and marketing assistance.
8. Our grand opening! Congratulations!

Crazy Tako PH branches
1. UP Town Center, Quezon City
2. Robinsons Supermarket, Don Antonio, Quezon City
3. C&B Mall, Marikina
4. Liana’s Supermarket, Pasig City
5. Porta Vaga Mall, Baguio City
6. J.P. Laurel St., San Miguel Manila
7. Victory Mall, Tanauan Batangas
8. Puregold Pavilion Mall, Binan Laguna
9. Xavier School, San Juan
10. La Salle Greenhills, Mandaluyong
11. Don Bosco Makati

Franchising an already established business used to be very ultra expensive. Nowadays, it is not the case anymore. I really do hope there will be one in BGC because this is where I always hangout. I can eat takoyaki whenever I want!

To learn more about Crazy Tako Ph franchise, see the links below:
Contact numbers: 0916-5339465 & 0917-8192885

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