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Let's Support Green Thumb Coalition's Global Climate Strike Campaign

You must be living under the rocks if you do not care about the alarming warmer weather of the Earth. That's why yours truly have been seriously adding eco-friendly topics and joining events to contribute for the betterment of the only home we have. That's why when I heard about Green Thumb's Coalition's Global Climate Strike campaign, I know it's one of those that I need to be part of. Unfortunately, something came last minute so I sent my sister Juliet instead. 

The year 2012 was the "end" of the world. This was the year the world has seen the alarming rise of sea levels due to thermal expansion.  Glaciers and ice sheets are melting, ice on rivers and lakes are breaking up, plant and animal ranges are shifting.  

Planting trees and banning single-use plastics aren't enough to solve climate change anymore. We need the cooperation of the companies that are responsible for this "crime" and most specially the government/current administration that has the power/authority to make legal actions. The best thing we can do as consumers is to support businesses that care for our environment and our health over profit. 

green thumb coalition

From Sept. 20 to 27, people from all over the world will join hands to make noise and hopefully those who are in the right position will be able to give them a chance to discuss what needs to be given attention. Here in the Philippines particularly in Quezon City in cooperation with its local government unit, the Global Climate Strike was held today, Sept. 20. 

During the Green Bloggers Dinner event held few nights ago,  Attorney Aaron Pedrosa of SANLAKAS said that this global climate strike can no longer be prevented by planting trees and removing old jeepneys. Planting seven billion trees in the Philippines can no longer save the dying planet. The urgent solution for this climate strike is in the hands of our government. We as good citizens should push them to stop these  so-called "dirty companies" establishing deadly and harmful energy projects that destroy our environment such as coal plants, waste-to-energy projects, large scale mining and many more.

According to scientists, in order to stop the increase of the earth’s temperature at the safest level still possible – below 1.5 to 2.0 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels – the rich industrialized countries have to reach near zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030 and all other countries have to reach near zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. 

We have only a small window of time to prevent the situation from reaching greater catastrophic levels, and this window is closing rapidly. Thus far, government pledges, policies and actions are very short of what is required, and most corporations are refusing to stop their massive pollution of the atmosphere with their greenhouse gas emissions and the damage they are causing to the environment and the earth’s natural carbon sinks. 

For us to save Earth, we should do the following below ASAP:
1. Stop the expansion of coal and fossil fuel energy and make a swift and just transition to 
clean and renewable energy systems for people and communities 
2. Stop the destruction of the environment and natural capacity of the planet to absorb greenhouse gas emissions; Undertake massive ecological restoration 
3. Address poverty, inequalities and marginalization that increase vulnerability and risks of people and communities to climate change impacts; 
4. Empower and build resilience and capacity of communities and families to deal with the 
consequences of climate change 
5. Respect the human rights of environment and climate justice advocates. 6. Mobilize the finance necessary for the above; Governments of rich, industrialized countries, in particular, should deliver on their obligations to provide climate finance 

The truth is we are running out of time. Unless we take actions as early as now, the next generation is in trouble. In my part, I have been eating less meat and more plant-based meals since June. We have ditched products in sachets and opted to buy in bulk. These coming months, yours truly will be joining seminars to how to compost our own food waste that we can use as fertilizer to grow plants in our backyard. I am seeing more trips to farms instead of beaches! 

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