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Looking for a cheap beachfront resort in Boracay? Check out Villa de Oro Boracay which is located in Station 2, White Beach. Station 2 in Boracay they say is in the middle of everything so if you want to be in a place that's accessible to going both sides specially D Mall, you know where to book. 

I spent 3d2n here in Villa de Oro on my second trip to Boracay. Staying here is just like visiting a long-lost old friend in the province because you are surrounded with fellow locals who are also traveling on a budget in  Boracay.

Villa de Oro Boracay Ambiance 
Villa de Oro Boracay is not your typical high-rise hotel in this party island. The local vibe is very much preserved. While I have no qualms about staying in a fully-furnished luxury looking beachfront accommodation in Boracay, I also never forget that I am here to experience the local vibe. Villa de Oro Boracay is made of many villas spread out in different  areas inside. 

villa de oro boracay

Villa de Oro has an al fresco spot on the second floor where you can hang out and get the best views of Boracay's beach.  There's a resident spa as well if you want to get a good whole body massage. To be honest, I only know luxury hotels that come with spa. In Villa de Oro, they have but it is the more affordable version. It's certainly not cheap but as they say you get what you pay for.

villa de oro boracay aklan

Villa de Oro Boracay's Room
We chose a room with two single beds in  a two-floored villa. The aircon is running great. We love the integration of native design that really makes me feel I am just staying in my own bed. What really made me a bit disappointed is that the faucet in the shower area is rusty. The vintage-looking cabinet's drawer (which I love the look so much) at the very bottom also fell off. These are some of my concerns to cheap accommodations here in the Philippines - expect also a bit of inconvenience. Anyways, the whole experience is very pleasant to me. If I will go back to Boracay, I will choose Villa de Oro again but probably in another room where everything is working. 

villa de oro boracay  malay aklan

Villa de Oro Boracay's Breakfast
Our room includes free breakfast which has two options: a variety of silog and bread with jam. It comes with instant coffee or powdered fruit juice you can choose as well. This brewed coffee lover of mine was a bit sad to know they don't have one but it is fine though. I know I cannot demand or expect too much because I am staying in an accommodation in Boracay that doesn't belong to the high-end category. 

villa de oro boracay room rates

Villa de Oro Boracay as Instagrammable Spot 
For those who travel to get pretty photos, I would say Villa de Oro Boracay is quite Instagrammable despite the fact that it is a cheap accommodation. The colorful vases and many native objects shipped from Bali is are too cute to not to be featured as background on your Instagram photos. 

villa de oro boracay tagaytay

Villa de Oro Boracay at night
Boracay is a party island.  To stay in a very silent and no party vibe accommodation is disgusting. Good thing in Villa de Oro  Boracay, there's live performance every night. Talented, local Aklanons share their singing skills accompanied by a guitar for free. You just make sure to order your dinner and eat it while you are entertained. I wasn't down for a pub crawl in  Boracay or even go out to a nearby bar that's why I was so happy to know that right inside Villa de Oro Boracay, there's live music already! Btw, there are two choices that you can avail for dinner here. For Php 350, you choose a local cuisine or Mongolian cuisine. Both are buffet type.

villa de oro boracay veranda room

Villa de Oro Boracay verdict
Only thing I didn't liked in our stay is that the free wifi at the lobby is so wonky. I was staying the whole time there trying to squeeze in some work near the reception area. Boy, there were mosquitoes that keep biting my feet. I told the staff manning the reception area, she was so nice to light a candle near my feet to keep off the mosquitoes. Also, don't forget the cabinet with a broken drawer plus the faucet is rusty/not working I mentioned above. I hope they fix all these. Though it is a common denominator for a cheap accommodation anywhere in the Philippines that somehow there's one or two things not working. 

If you'll ask me where did I spent my nights during my first trip to Boracay, it is a party hostel. They got rooms aside from bunk beds. EVERYTHING IS WORKING FINE. Facilities are top notch for the same price range of Villa de Oro Boracay. You can read HERE an old review I made for Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay. Overall, I still would like to stay again in Villa de Oro Boracay. Hostels are for young, single and ready-to-party travelers from all over the world.. Accommodations like Villa de Oro Boracay are for those who are traveling with family, kids and those who just want to chill out with Philippine locals. 

Villa de Oro Boracay address:Station 2, Sitio Manggayad, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Villa de Oro Boracay website:
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