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Introducing AUMA Fashion Stying Firm, Manila's newest brand to get you dressed the best


If there's one thing I need a bit of inspiration and assistance, it's about fashion.  It's rarely a topic I discuss here. As a traveler, blogger and one who is always out to face people from different walks of life, I know I need to always look great. That's why when a chance to join the opening of AUMA Fashion Styling Firm, I didn't let it pass! I sent my sister Juliet to grace the event after a conflict schedule with another product launching. This idea came very practical now that I am way more preoccupied in life than ever before.  I would rather pay an affordable amount for another person to "dress me properly". 

Originally as a clothing line in 2017, AUMA Fashion Styling Firm aims to empower  Filipinos to develop a personal style when it comes to fashion. “Auma is the combination of two people’s names who meant a lot to me. You can say, Auma came from love and it’s my passion and love for style and fashion that will always sustain it”, says Founder and Head Stylist, Mika Cabrera. 

AUMA Fashion Styling Firm’s Founder and Head Stylist Mika Cabrera

The launching of AUMA Fashion Styling Firm was held in Marquis Events Place BGC where a mini-fashion was held to the delight of all guests watching models showcasing attires from romantic style to laid back look and of course if classic. There were booths that featured fashion knick-knacks and what-nots to never ever get punished by a fashion police!

Mika started as a stylist before blooming to become a very promising entrepreneur and of course a fashion expert. I mean how can one start a brand related to fashion when he or she is not into it, right?

Models, Mika and the winner who went home a genuine Prada bag
Laid back style persona booth
She adds, 'The fashion industry , specifically in the Philippines,  is daunting. It can be hard to navigate around specially if you're someone who's keen on different trends and trying to figure out what your style personality is. I want AUMA to be the conduit for people to discover themselves through clothes.

More than putting clothes on, AUMA strives to spread the message that the way we present ourselves to the world has an effect on our personal well-being. It wants to eliminate the stereotype of fashion being just a superficial expression of oneself. AUMA’s purpose is to carve out people’s authentic selves and that includes figuring out or enhancing their take on their own style and fashion. 

AUMA recognizes that its client's personal style and styling needs are a journey in which they are meant to guide, edit, punctuate—and never dictate. AUMA Fashion Styling Firm is in the business of making fashion one less thing to worry about, developing confidence through well-selected and curated looks, and giving a wider group of people access to quality and premium styling without the hefty bill that often comes with it. 

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