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Preparing for Travels with Seniors

Age is not the limit for discovering the hidden joys of the world! There's no such thing as "too late" if you want to take your elderly folks to a few days or so on exploring the world, one destination (or photo!) at a time.

However, we can't deny that traveling with seniors is a little taxing than traveling with younger companions. There's the challenge of ensuring their safety and comfort during the trip.

But will that stop you from pursuing your travel dreams with your young-once folks? Definitely not! We've listed down five essentials to prepare for your senior folks before the most memorable trip of your lives!

1. Meds and prescriptions in an accessible carrier
Seniors would need their meds available to them all the time, especially when they experience sudden health issues due to the weather, the amount of crowd in the area, or the level of your activities. 

Instead of placing these meds in your checked luggage, pack them instead in a pouch, a carry-on or sling bag, or anything that they can carry with them anytime, anywhere.

Inside, keep a list of all their meds too, including: 
Branded and generic names
Schedule for taking the prescriptions

The name list is handy in case you'll need to go for a supply run, and the elderlies can easily check back on your schedule list to keep track of their medication.

Take note of meds that need to be placed in a cool storage too, so that you can plan where to store them during your trip - either in the fridge, minibars, or coolers.

2. Extra comfy clothes and shoes
When packing clothes for the trip, ask your senior folks what they're comfortable to wear. Then, you can mix-n-match the clothing items they chose for the trip for their OOTDs for the trip.

Walking shorts, shirts or blouses made of cotton, sandos (as long as they're allowed in the destination you're visiting), and summer dresses would do, as long as their clothes provide a breathing room for their body. These are advisable when you're going on a summer trip.

Speaking of heat, don't forget to pack some hats and shades too for extra protection and fashion points!

For footwear, flat shoes are advisable. Sandals and slippers are good. Sneakers are okay too, but better to ask your folks first. Some elderlies don't prefer having their feet enclosed all the time.

3. Travel insurance 
After you've accomplished all that needs to be prepared for the trip, the next thing on your list is to find the best travel insurance for everyone else, especially for your senior folks.

The internet's your friend. Do your thorough research on the best insurance policy that covers what you think is perfect for your trip. Doing this helps you get a hold of the price of the policy you're availing. 

4. An emergency list
Ensure the seniors in your travel group have your contact details with them during the trip. In case they got lost (knock on wood!), they can easily call you for help or ask someone for assistance. 

A copy of your ID would be ideal, but a laminated paper containing your name, contact number, and the address of the lodging you're staying at would suffice. 

Keep a list of emergency contacts for yourself too, including phone numbers, addresses, and contact person (if available) of the nearest police stations and hospitals.

It's also ideal to have a map marking the necessary points of the destination you're visiting, like toilets, markets, etc. 

5. Extra budget
Traveling with elderlies may require extra room on your travel budget too, since they might need more special needs like medical care. 
For instance, you might need to pay extra for hotel accommodation, flight seat, and transportation to provide comfort and security for your elderly companions.

They're more prone to accidents and sudden medical issues too, so be prepared for some surprise visits at the nearest hospital.

With the right preparations, you and your senior travel buddies can enjoy your trip without worrying too much about safety or comfort or whatever. Your vagabond ideas with your elderlies aren't impossible, so cast those hesitations away and pursue the calling of the world!

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