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Since day one of Glocal Travel Event With VK For Me contest, I have been crossing my fingers that I will join  no matter what despite my busy schedule.  I even made a Youtube video to make my entry creative as encouraged in this contest. However, while I am trying to beat the deadline aka submitting my entry at exactly 11:30 pm Manila Time Sept. 30th which is within the contest's deadline requirement, it showed an error message that the contest is over already.

I quicky went to Glocal Travel Event With VK For Me's terms and conditions - there were no specification about the time zone that should be followed. That's why I followed my own time in Manila. I almost want to break down, tears fell down my face because I exerted some efforts and spent 7-8 hours preparing my Youtube video for this contest that include going to my favorite Korean grocey where I alway buy my favorite Korean products and of course doing the editing.

There is an option on Glocal Travel Event With VK For Me's official website that for any types of inquiries I can send an email so there, I sent one last night. Still waiting for their reply though. Anyway, I decided to make a blog post of my entry to share it to the world why I am dying to see South Korea with my boyfriend. Here's the entry I did:

"My name is Maria from Manila. I have been dreaming countless times for a trip solely devoted to hunt the best hole-in-the-wall places to eat; find where to get the spices, herbs and "secret" ingredients of my favorite South Korean dishes in an outdoor market and ultimately join a cooking class in South Korea! 

I hope you guys also give a chance to the kind of market I belong - a foodie who is willing to book a flight ticket anywhere that can give me the best food trip ever! Sorry I do not belong to the group of K-pop and K-drama fanatics like most of the Filipinos here who adore South Korea so much. I and my American boyfriend who lives here in the Philippines for the past 7 years religiously dine in a good restaurant every other night for dinner and every other day for breakfast. That means we eat in 5-6 restaurants per week. We love to explore different cuisines - South Korean food is one of our favorites. If we can eat it every day we will! Most of our unforgettable date nights are in the company of food served warm to both of us. I just couldn't think of a particular dish because it would be unfair to the rest of food that made our relationship stronger in every meal we share. He usually orders a bottle of ice-cold beer. While me, I always stick to a glass of red wine stored in room temperature. 

When dining out is not an option, we love to cook as well. Believe it or not but most of our romantic bonding moments happen in the kitchen specially when the aroma of garlic sauteed in olive oil fills our home - it's heaven scent to both of us. We frequent  gardens just to get the freshest vegetables and fruits we can find whenever we can. Going back to the topic, there would be no place in South Korea that we couldn't think to visit for our first trip here than Jeonju which is a UNESCO destination dubbed as the "City of Gastronomy". It's South Korea's top foodie destination. We are foodies from head to toe, how can we say no? 

As a blogger for 9 years, I usually feature places worth sharing to the world. I am not promoting this but here's a sample review I made for a restaurant of a newly-opened boutique restaurant here in Manila serving food without using artificial flavors, getting the produce directly from a farm and even serving holistic juices using a particular juicer/blender for this purpose. Here's the link 

We are dying to visit Hanok Village to eat as many local food there. We belong to the age group that we prioritize healthy and locally-sourced food above anything else. I am a devout Catholic since birth so it would be an answered prayer to go inside Jeondong Catholic Church.  I live in a country where we eat rice 2x-3x a day, so I would like to know how to make a wine out of it. This red wine lover is considering a few nights per week to try a variety of a wine for a change. I can make a blog post and a Youtube video for every spot we're going to visit to spread the word. It would be the best gift for us as a couple to visit South Korea on a food adventure this November. This is the month that we officially upgraded our dating status to a serious relationship. " 

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