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Top 11 - 20 Things To Do In Seoul, Korea

Myeongdong shopping district
As you continue your Seoul tour, hee are more things to do:

11. Jam and get tipsy – Korean drinking culture is becoming infamous but what the hik!, it’s a happy experience to dine and drink soju with them whether in bars or eateries (it’s rude to refuse). At midnight, try chicken and beer.

12. Shop till you drop – Seoul is fast becoming the shopping mecca of Northern Asia. For gadgets go to Yongsan Electronics Mall, for Korean-made souvenirs go to Insadong, for BB creams and cosmetics Myeongdong is the place, for clothes, eyewear, hats, scarves, toys and stationeries check out Namdaemun and Dongdaemun, trendy ones are in Hongdae; for culinary and bakery needs you’ll find them in Bangsan, seafoods are at Noryangin and Garak, while spices, herbs, teas and ginseng are in Gyeongdong. 

Wares to be seen in Insadong area

13. Bathe in jimjilbangs -  A refreshing way to cap your tour is to take a shower or dip in a pool with naked Koreans In these public baths which is a part if their culture. You can spend the night there or eat eggs baked in one of the themed-saunas inside.

Recreational lounge in Spa Itaewon
  14. Have a healthy check up – It’s nice to have a wholistic check up and Seoul has lots of oriental clinics, even hospitals have some, offering alternative medical and beauty treatments.

15. Learn a craft – In Insadong a lot of artisans are willing to teach you crafts like calligraphy, knotting, pottery, seal-making. Learn how to make kimchi at the Kimchi Museum in Coex Mall. There are some studios that offer kpop dance lessons. Traditional games can be learned in Namsangol. Woodblock printing can be studied inside Haeinsa Temple in Gyeongsangnam-do province.

An artisan showing their pottery gallery in Insadong

16. Exercise your voice – Do that in noraebangs (karaoke) if you are in a group. Best ones are the Luxury Su and Prince Edward in Hongdae.

17. Mingle with the Koreans – Just asking them for directions and them doing everything they can to help you is a very pleasant interaction. Plus, most of them are good-looking you’ll love staring at them. Learn a few of their language and traditions.

18. Have some reflections – For some quiet meditations, Seoul has many temples like Jogyesa and churches like Myeongdong Cathedral where you can go to.

Inside Myeongdong Cathedral

19. Have an eye for art – Numerous art galleries, spaces and events abound in Seoul, notably in Hongdae, check out one near your place of stay.

Seoul Cartoon Museum
20. Enjoy the rides – Indoor and outdoor theme parks are favorite dating and bonding places in Seoul, the famous ones are Lotte World and Everland.

The iconic skating rink in Lotte World
Korea Tourism Organization is a very efficient body. For all your travel queries while in Seoul just dial 1330. Seoul has a very convenient transport system, use the MPass for up to 20 subway train rides per day which you can also use for buses for your preferred number of days. 

About the author: Lyn Danao has been writing all her life for magazines and television shows. At present she loves to travel and enjoys “storytelling” as her profession. She has been to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Thailand et cetera. You may get in touch with her at or at 09163333180. She can also tour you in South Korea.

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